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When did LA Kings change jerseys?

When did LA Kings change jerseys?

2011-Present: Kings Eliminate Color From Primary Jerseys The Kings kept the purple accent in the alternate jersey until 2013, but eliminated all other colors from their home and away uniforms. These new jerseys matched the previous black alternate introduced in 2008.

Why are the LA Kings wearing purple?

The inspiration for the L.A. Kings purple jersey came from two sources. First, gold and purple are colors traditionally associated with royalty, making them ideal for the regally named new team. Second, the color scheme matched that of another Los Angeles team, the L.A. Lakers.

What NHL team has purple jersey?

Los Angeles Kings
The Kings introduced purple (officially Forum blue) to the NHL color palette in 1967. Their colors matched those of their NBA arena mates, the Los Angeles Lakers.

Who wore the #2 for the LA Kings?

The first player to wear #2 for the Kings was Bob Wall, whom the Kings claimed from Detroit in the 1967 Expansion Draft. Paul LaDue currently wears the no. 2 sweater for the club, having switched from the no. 38 prior to the 2018-19 season.

What jerseys are the Kings wearing?

The LA Kings will not only don their traditional Black and White adidas home and away jerseys, but they will also rep three iconic threads throughout the season. The adidas Silver Jersey, the adidas Reverse Retro jersey and the ’90s Era adidas Heritage Jersey will all make an appearance.

Do the Kings need a uniform redesign?

The Kings’ primary home uniform switches to the black-silver-and-white uniform the club has worn as an alternate jersey the last two seasons. The Kings will wear a newly-created white version of this jersey for all road games this season.

When did the LA Kings change colors?

In August 1988, in conjunction with acquiring Gretzky from the rival Edmonton Oilers, Los Angeles made the first major changes to their overall look; the team replaced its old colors with black, white, and silver. These changes matched the colors of another LA team, the NFL’s Raiders.

When did Kings change to purple?

The Shield. The Kings tossed out the iconic silver and black uniforms in 1998 and brought purple back into the mix. These jerseys featured a new shield-shaped logo, which included three primary images: a crown, a lion and a sun.

Which NHL team is orange?

The Philadelphia Flyers have cornered the hockey market when it comes to the color orange. They’ve absolutely dominated their other orange-clad competition when it comes to the color, and that includes the two new orange third jerseys unveiled by NHL teams this year.

Who wore 3 for LA Kings?

3 sweater played NCAA hockey. Larry Brown played the most games for the Kings wearing the No. 3 with 364. He is followed closely by Garry Galley, who played 361 total games for the Kings over his two separate three-year stints with the club.

Who is 33 on the LA Kings?

Viktor Arvidsson

Viktor Arvidsson #33 LW 185 lbs
Alex Iafallo #19 LW 190 lbs
Brendan Lemieux #48 LW 215 lbs

Do the LA Kings wear white at home?

Introducing the LA Kings adidas #ReverseRetro jersey. Hitting the ice in 2021. The fifth Kings jersey will appear for just three games, all against the Anaheim Ducks, late in the season, as the team celebrates the 90s and wears white at home.

When did LA Kings start wearing chrome helmets?

The Kings originally debuted the chrome helmets during their Stadium Series game against the Colorado Avalanche in 2020.

Are reverse retros coming back?

The NHL will bring back its reverse retro jersey program next season, sources told The Athletic. The league introduced reverse retro jerseys during the COVID-shortened 2020-21 season, but did not extend the program for the 2021-22 season.

Who is number 57 on the LA Kings?

Jacob Moverare
Jacob Moverare Stats and News |

Why are the LA Kings called the Kings?

Following a fan contest to name the team, Cooke chose the name Kings because he wanted his club to take on “an air of royalty,” and picked the original team colors of purple (or “Forum Blue”, as it was later officially called) and gold because they were colors traditionally associated with royalty.

What NHL teams only have 2 colors?

What 2002 NHL teams, were the only two teams in the NHL that have only two colors on their jersey? Toronto & Detroit. Toronto’s jersey is blue and white.

Who wore 33 on LA Kings?

33 for Viktor Arvidsson.

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