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When did Metallica first tour Australia?

When did Metallica first tour Australia?

2010-11-10 Sydney, Australia |

When was the last time Metallica came to Australia?

Touring Australia this October the band haven’t played Australia since 2013. The newly announced shows are Metallica’s first ever headline stadium plays in Australia and New Zealand. They continue the WorldWired Tour that has played 130+ shows across the world since its 2016 kick-off.

Is Metallica coming to Australia?

Metallica have hinted their re-scheduled Australian & NZ leg of the Self-Destruct world Tour will be happening in 2022. As well as being their first trip to Australia since 2013, it will also be Metallica’s first headline stadium tour of the country.

Why was Metallica Cancelled Australia?

Metallica announced the postponement of their Aus tour just weeks ago with the band sharing that frontman James Hetfield needed to re-enter a treatment facility for addiction issues.

Has Metallica played Australia?

Last here in 2013, Metallica’s long-awaited return Down Under will now extend to six Australian stadium shows on their WorldWired Tour, with no further shows possible. The newly announced shows are Metallica’s first ever headline stadium plays in Australia and New Zealand.

Did Metallica finish the Master of Puppets tour?

The name being inspired by the last song on the touring album Master of Puppets….Jurassic World: Dominion Dominates Fandom Wikis – The Loop.

Damage, Inc. Tour
Supporting Album Master of Puppets
Tour Start Date March 27, 1986
Tour End Date February 13, 1987
Number of Tour Legs 9

Are Metallica coming to Perth?

Recently announced Metallica Worldwide will be touring Australia in October 2019 and Perth will be their first stop on the Down Under tour.

When did Ozzy perform with Metallica?

April 27, 1986
It is even rarer when that headliner is a legendarily mighty live performer like ex-Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne, with Metallica opening the show. But on April 27, 1986, 35 years ago tonight, the exalted Ozz was utterly outshined by a youthful, ‘Master of Puppets’-era Metallica at Glens Falls Civic Center.

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