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Who is the longest serving character in Holby City?

Who is the longest serving character in Holby City?

Ric Griffin
Having appeared in over 500 episodes between the fourth and twenty-third series, the show’s longest-serving character is Ric Griffin, portrayed by Hugh Quarshie. Additionally, Holby City features a number of guest artists in each episode as well as recurring characters who appear in story arcs.

Who are the new actors in Holby?

Three new F1 doctors will be joining the team as HOLBY CITY returns to our screens this Autumn. They are Josh Hudson (played by Trieve Blackwood-Cambridge), Jeong Soo-Han played by Chan Woo Lim and Skylar Bryce played by Phoebe Pryce.

Which hospital is Holby filmed at?

BBC Elstree Centre
Filming and on-screen output Holby City and Casualty are both set in Holby City Hospital, in the fictional county of Wyvern, in the southwest of England close to the Welsh border. The city exterior is represented by Bristol, though Holby City is filmed at BBC Elstree Centre in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire.

Where was Holby filmed?

Scenes for Holby City are all filmed at the BBC Elstree Centre in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, with the 1960s office building Neptune House being used for multiple exteriors and interiors in the series. The set includes a surgical ward and operating theatre, and is based on the real-life Bristol Royal Infirmary.

Who is in Holby City?

Holby City Characters

  • Adrian ‘Fletch’ Fletcher. View Adrian ‘Fletch’ Fletcher.
  • Ange Godard. View Ange Godard.
  • Cameron Dunn. View Cameron Dunn.
  • Dominic Copeland. View Dominic Copeland.
  • Donna Jackson. View Donna Jackson.
  • Eli Ebrahimi. View Eli Ebrahimi.
  • Henrik Hanssen. View Henrik Hanssen.
  • Jac Naylor. View Jac Naylor.

Who plays Lizzie Britton in Holby?

Clare Burt has portrayed Madge in Holby City since July 2021….Behind the scenes.

Expand v • d • e Holby City Hospital Acute Admissions Unit staff
Nurses Madge Britton (nurse practitioner) • Kylie Maddon • Louis McGerry

Who plays the consultant in Holby City?

Clive Mantle plays Mike Barratt, a consultant general surgeon who previously appeared in Casualty practising emergency medicine. He appears in Holby City from series two, episode five until series three, episode 30, working on the hospital’s Keller ward.

Who plays Jenny in Holby?

Debra Stephenson

Debra Stephenson
Born 4 June 1972 Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire, England
Occupation Actress, singer, comedian
Years active 1989–present
Notable work Playing the Field (1998–2000) Bad Girls (1999–2003) Coronation Street (2004–2006) The Impressions Show (2009–2011) Newzoids (2015–2016) Holby City (2021)

Is Holby City set in a real hospital?

Holby City Hospital is the fictional hospital within the city in which Casualty and Holby City are set. It is based on the Bristol Royal Infirmary which the original script writers spent time observing in the 1980s in order to garner ideas for Casualty.

Is Holby filmed in a real hospital?

Which hospital is used for Holby City?

It is based on the Bristol Royal Infirmary which the original script writers spent time observing in the 1980s in order to garner ideas for Casualty. Although both shows are set in the same hospital, Casualty is primarily filmed in Cardiff, whilst Holby City is filmed in Hertfordshire at BBC Elstree Centre.

Who is Rosie Marcels husband?

Ben Staceym. 2013Scott Buncem. 2004–2011
Rosie Marcel/Husband

What is Jac naylors illness?

The final episode of Holby City airs on BBC One on Tuesday, March, 29 and the main focus of the show is on brain surgeon Jac Naylor, played by Rosie Marcel, who’s facing her own health battles. Rosie has played Jac since 2005 and her character has been through many tumultous times and is now battling a brain tumour.

What happened to Jonny in Holby City?

Thomson attended two auditions, before he learned that he had won the part of Jonny. To help him prepare for the role, Thomson went on a tour of a real-life hospital with a heart surgeon. Thomson confirmed his departure from the show in April 2015 and Jonny made his screen exit on 14 April.

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