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Who were the singers in best man holiday?

Who were the singers in best man holiday?

With production currently ongoing in Canada, has learned that singers Anthony Hamilton and Marsha Ambrosius have been added to the cast of Malcolm D. Lee’s The Best Man Holiday, the long-awaited sequel to his 1999 box office hit, The Best Man.

Who played Mia best man holiday?

Monica Calhoun as Mia Sullivan – From TV to the silver screen, Monica Calhoun has had a hefty two-decade career and she’s still going strong. Her performance as Mia in The Best Man Holiday takes her performance ability to the next level and is definitely the woman to watch this time around.

Where was the movie Best Man Holiday filmed?

Filming Locations (3)

  • Buffalo, New York, USA (Buffalo Niagara Film Office)
  • Ralph Wilson Stadium – 1 Bills Drive, Orchard Park, New York, USA (Football Game)
  • Pinewood Toronto Studios, Port Lands, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Did Robin Thicke play best man holiday?

And ‘The Best Man Holiday’ has clearly caught up with the times, with one plot point revolving around social media run amok, off-handedly invoking everyone from Barack Obama (natch) to Melissa Harris-Perry, Olivia Pope and Robin Thicke”.

Are Morris Chestnut and Taye Diggs friends?

They started out as co-stars on The Best Man, and it seems that nearly two decades and superstardom haven’t changed the friendship between Taye Diggs and Morris Chestnut.

Do Jordan and Harper end up together?

If you recall, The Best Man ends with Harper proposing not to Jordan, but to his current girlfriend Robin. And she says yes!

Did Harper sleep with Mia in best man?

Finding the book in Harper’s coat, Lance reads it and finds out the truth, realizing that Mia slept with Harper in college to get back at Lance for his numerous infidelities.

Who played Anita in best man?

Jarrod Bunch plays Wayne. Victoria Dillard plays Anita.

How old is Monica Calhoun?

50 years (July 29, 1971)Monica Calhoun / Age

What did Mia tell Lance on the phone in best man holiday?

Mia reveals to Lance, that she slept with Harper, as she knew how much it would hurt Lance and she was sick of Lance cheating on her.

What happened to the best man wedding?

A third film in the series, The Best Man Wedding, also written and to be directed by Lee, was announced by Universal in 2014 with a planned release in 2016, but it was never made, largely because of scheduling issues.

Why did Jordan wear white to Mia’s funeral?

‘She insisted her character [Jordan Armstrong] wear white when the director wanted everyone in black for a funeral scene,’ a source told. ‘She threw a huge fit and held up production for nearly an hour because she refused to wear black. They eventually gave in because they felt like it was a frivolous battle. ‘

Did Harper sleep with Mia in the movie The Best Man?

According to the film, eventually they have to get it in. Even Harper and Mia, who were friends, slept together.

Was MIA a virgin in best man?

The issue is that in the previous movie Lance learned during the run-up to his wedding that his “best man,” Harper, had an affair with his then soon-to-be wife, Mia, played by Monica Calhoun. Harper in fact took Mia’s virginity.

Did MIA sleep with Harper in The Best Man?

Who are the characters in best man?

Taye DiggsHarper StewartMorris ChestnutMalcolm D. LeeEmceeSanaa LathanRobyn, Robyn, Robyn.Nia LongJordan, Jordan ArmstrongRegina HallCandace, Candy
The Best Man/Cast

What nationality is Monica Calhoun?

AmericanMonica Calhoun / Nationality

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