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Can Huskar play Offlane?

Can Huskar play Offlane?

With that being said, he is an excellent mid laner, offlaner, as well as carry, depending on the situation. Huskar is incredibly strong in a 1v1 scenario; which is why most players prefer to go to the mid lane or the offlane.

Who can counter Huskar?


  • Carries that can out damage Huskar will do well against him: Legion Commander, Faceless Void, Troll Warlord,
  • Heroes with abilities that reduce armor will make Huskar very vulnerable: Weaver, Dazzle, Bristleback,
  • Heroes with pure damage can kill Huskar when he inevitably gets low on health: Outworld Destroyer,

How can I counter my Huskar early?

Poison Attack is very useful against Huskar, since he tends to stay at low health. Nethertoxin disables passive skills like Berserker’s Blood. Viper Strike with the slowdown of movement and attack speed which usually will be deadly for Huskar.

What does Huskar mean?

Huskar’s name might be derived from the Old Norse word “Huskarl”, the title given to the highly-skilled bodyguards of important Norse lords and kings. His name might also be derived from Hu├íscar Inca, a leader of the Inca Empire in the 16th century. Huskar’s lore also connects him to.

What is Huskar good against?

Who can beat invoker?


  • Outworld Devourer. Outworld Devourer is an amazing counter to most Intelligence heroes in Dota 2.
  • Queen of Pain. Queen of Pain is a hero that’s usually played in the Mid lane.
  • Silencer. Silencer is one of the Best Invoker Counters in Dota 2.
  • Anti Mage.
  • Templar Assassin.
  • Viper.

What hero can defeat Huskar?

Wraith King takes the spotlight as one of the best carry heroes against Huskar because of his ultimate that allows him to respawn into a fight.

What is good against invoker mid?

Vacuum is a good way to pull enemies into Invoker’s AoE spells. Wall of Replica is a good follow up to Tornado and Ice Wall.

Who counters invoker in lane?

Glimmer Cape is a cheaper alternative to reduce Invoker’s damage. Blade Mail can easily kill Invoker if he does the Chaos Meteor and Tornado combo. Force Staff can be used to save oneself and allies from Invoker’s combos. Diffusal Blade can be used to burn Invoker’s mana pool.

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