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How do I contact the council of Breckland?

How do I contact the council of Breckland?

You can telephone us on: 01362 656870.

Where is Breckland?

The district of Breckland is one of the largest rural districts in England. Nestled on the Norfolk/Suffolk border, Breckland spans over 500 square miles of beautiful countryside and covers much of the south, west and central parts of Norfolk.

What areas do Breckland council cover?

The council contains the following civil parishes:

  • Ashill, Attleborough.
  • Banham, Bawdeswell, Beachamwell,
  • Beeston with Bittering, Beetley, Besthorpe, Billingford, Bintree, Blo’ Norton, Bradenham, Brettenham, Bridgham, Brisley, Bylaugh.
  • Carbrooke, Caston, Cockley Cley, Colkirk, Cranwich, Cranworth, Croxton.

Who runs Breckland council?

The Leader of the council is Sam Chapman-Allen.

How do I contact the South Norfolk Council?

Get help

  1. For Broadland District Council call 01603 430431 or email [email protected].
  2. For South Norfolk Council call 01508 533933 or email [email protected].

Which council is Thetford?

Breckland Council – Breckland Council.

How do I contact the Norfolk County council?

Contact Norfolk County Council

  1. Online. Use our online form to help us handle your enquiry as quickly as possible. Contact us.
  2. Telephone. Main number – 0344 800 8020. Text Relay 18001 0344 800 8020.
  3. Post. You can write to us at: Norfolk County Council.
  4. Other ways to contact us. Twitter. Facebook.

What council is Thetford under?

Breckland Council
Breckland Council – Breckland Council.

What is the Norfolk assistance scheme?

The Norfolk Assistance Scheme (NAS) helps people who are in financial hardship and cannot pay their living costs. There are many reasons why this might happen to you: Redundancy. Work hours have been cut.

How do I contact Norfolk social services?

Norfolk County Council Social Services Access Team

  • Address. Norfolk County Council. County Hall. Martineau Road. Norwich. Norfolk. NR1 2DH.
  • Phone. 0344 800 8020. Online. Website. Email.

Who is head of Norfolk County Council?

Following the election in May 2021, Norfolk County Council is under overall control of the Conservative Party. Norfolk County Council has an executive leader and cabinet decision-making system. The Leader of the Council is Andrew Proctor (Cons). The Cabinet is chaired by Andrew Proctor.

How many times can you apply for a household support fund?

Only one application can be made per household for these vouchers and it can be only be made by the person whose name appears on your council tax bill. If you’re successful in your application, then you’ll receive your vouchers within 10 working days.

What is household support?

The Household Support Fund is a measure that provides households with payments to help with essentials such as food, utilities and clothing. It was first introduced in September 2021 and was due to run until 31 March 2022, before being extended.

How do I contact Social Services UK?

  1. Call 0800 678 1602.
  2. Helpline open: every day of the year, 8am to 7pm.

How much do Norfolk County Councillors get paid?

A basic, flat rate allowance, payable to all Members. The rate for 2021/2022 is £11,224 per annum. This allowance is intended to recognise the time commitment of all Members, including such calls on their time as meetings with officers and constituents and attendance at political group meetings.

How long does household support fund take to be approved?

If you’re successful in your application, then you’ll receive your vouchers within 10 working days. They could also be emailed to you if you’ve provided an email address, so keep an eye on your inbox.

Is the household support fund still available?

use the funding from 01 April 2022 to 30 September 2022 to meet immediate needs and help those who are struggling to afford energy, food and water bills, and other related essentials.

How many times can you claim household support fund?

Household support fund grants Households facing financial hardship can apply for a grant to help towards their food, energy bills and essential living costs. Households can access a maximum of 2 payments in the period between April and 30 September 2022.

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