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How do I find Wharton alumni?

How do I find Wharton alumni?

MyPenn is an online alumni directory that serves as a one-stop portal for students and alumni. More than two-thirds of Wharton graduates are active and engaged with the directory — log in today and explore the Wharton community.

How many Wharton alumni are there?

The school has over 92,000 alumni in 150 countries. As of 2018, there are approximately 99,000 alumni worldwide, including 79,280 in North America, 5,660 in Asia, 4,510 in Europe, 1,370 in the Caribbean and Latin America, 930 in Africa and the Middle East, and 380 in Australia and New Zealand.

What is Wharton alumni status?

By achieving Wharton alumni status you will be able to share your accomplishment with your professional network and signal successful completion a rigorous program at Wharton. And, you will become part of the 100,000+ global community of Wharton alumni who can be found in over 150 countries around the world.

What is Wharton acceptance rate?

9% (2016)Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania / Acceptance rate

UPenn Wharton’s acceptance rate for undergraduate students is approximately 9%. This is actually the same percentage as the admitted class of 2024 at the entire University of Pennsylvania, showing that UPenn Wharton’s acceptance rate is roughly the same as that of the whole school.

What is MyPenn?

MyPenn is the exclusive online community for Penn alumni and students. What did MyPenn replace QuakerNet/Wharton Connect. The software that supports QuakerNet and WhartonConnect will soon be discontinued.

Is Wharton well known?

General rankings Wharton is widely regarded as one of the world’s top institutions for business education. In 2014–2015, as well as 2017–2018, U.S. News & World Report ranked Wharton’s undergraduate program first in the U.S., MBA program tied for first in the U.S., and executive MBA program also first.

Why is Wharton so good?

Wharton gives you the knowledge and skills to change the world. Learning continues outside the classroom when you apply valuable skills through teamwork, co-curricular activities, conferences, research, and club life.

What is the benefit of alumni status?

Alumni associations offer networking opportunities, which can connect recent graduates with established professionals and help people pursue career changes. Networking can take many forms. Alumni associations might offer online career fairs or host virtual networking events with tips for job interviews.

What is alumni status mean?

A Harvard Business School alumnus/a is defined as any person receiving either a degree or a certificate of completion from Harvard Business School in a qualifying program.

What GPA is needed for Wharton?

The Wharton School: Class Profile and Information
Acceptance rate 21 percent
GMAT Mean: 732 Range: 540-790
GRE (mean scores) Quant: 162 Verbal: 162 Writing: 4.8
GPA Average: 3.6

What is the acceptance rate for Upenn?

9% (2020)University of Pennsylvania / Acceptance rate

How do I find my Upenn alumni email?

Quaker Gmail accounts ( have replaced the forwarding service. To create a NEW Quaker Gmail account, visit You will need your PennKey username and password. If you do not receive an email to activate your account, please complete this form.

Is Wharton or Harvard better?

Over the years, Wharton has done better than Harvard in many of the rankings, from BusinessWeek to the Financial Times….Wharton vs. Harvard Business School.

MBA Rankings Harvard Wharton
Forbes 3 5
U.S. News & World Report 1 5
Financial Times 3 2
The Economist 7 3

Is Wharton cutthroat?

2) Wharton will be cutthroat and competitive. Group work has been a key component of every class I have taken so far and forming study groups with my classmates has been key in our pursuits of academic success.

Is it worth joining alumni association?

Joining your alumni association offers all kinds of perks, like discounts and networking opportunities, but above all, an alumni association keeps you connected with your alma mater. Whether you graduated decades ago or you’re still in college, an alumni association helps you maintain a link with your school.

Why are alumni important to a university?

As an alumnus you know first-hand the education and valuable life lessons that can come out of the university and using that knowledge to shape current and future students is important to pass on – for your success, the students and the university. “Being a resource to others is key for their success.

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