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How do I know what size my Pandora is?

How do I know what size my Pandora is?

Measure your wrist with a piece of string, and then measure that string against a ruler. Then, add either 1 inch or 2-3 centimetres to your wrist measurement. This is your bracelet size. i.e. if your wrist measures 16cm, you should be looking at either the 18cm or 19cm Pandora bracelet.

What size is 16 in Pandora?

Pandora Moments Snake Chain Bracelets

Wrist Size Bracelet Size
13 cm 15
14 cm 16
15 cm 17
16 cm 18

What is the difference between Pandora me and Pandora Moments bracelets?

Pandora Me charms are smaller than Pandora Moments and can be worn on the Pandora Me bracelets and Safety Pin Brooch, as well as the Pandora Essence bracelets. “Pandora Me is made to inspire and invite the next generation of consumers to express the things they love the most in a playful and confident way.

Can you put normal charms on a Pandora Me bracelet?

Pandora Me micro charms can only be worn on Pandora Me bracelets or bangles. We recommend that you only use genuine Pandora charms on your Pandora bracelet to avoid the risk of damage to your bracelet.

What ring size is 52?


L 6 51 1/2
M 6 1/2 52 1/2
N 7 54
O 7 1/2 55 1/4

What is a size 19 in Pandora?

Pandora Reflexions

Wrist Size Bracelet Size
17 cm 18
18 cm 19
19 cm 20
20 cm 21

Can you put Pandora Moments charms on Pandora Me?

Pandora ME bracelets are not compatible with Pandora Moments or Reflexions charms, clips or safety chains. Celebrate what you love with Pandora ME bracelets, brooches and micro charms.

Can you mix silver and rose gold Pandora?

Stacking and layering works just as well with rings and bracelets as it does with necklaces and pendants. Start with your favourite piece in Pandora Rose and add more styles in sterling silver and Pandora Shine to create the perfect mix.

What is the small Pandora bracelet called?

Add the finishing touches to your styling with small, but powerful Pandora ME mini dangles. Bring out your personality through your style and let your mini dangle charms do the talking.

What are the small Pandora charms called?

Pandora ME is a line of small charms for the collection’s trio of bracelets or safety pin brooch. Make your gift extra special with our contemporary and more sustainable gift packaging.

What ring size is 52 Pandora?

Measurement Type

Diameter Circumference European
16.5 MM 52 MM 52
16.9MM 53MM 53
17.2 MM 54 MM 54
17.5 MM 55 MM 55

What letter is Pandora size 54?

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UK Size EU Size Pandora Size
N ½ 54
O 55 56
O ½ 56 56
P 57 56

Is a size 7 ring big or small?

The average ring size for women is a size 7, and size 7 is the most popular ring size for women. The most common range for them is between size 6 and size 8. Depending on a woman’s lifestyle, however, did you know her ring size can fluctuate?

What is the average wrist size for a 12 year old?

Bracelet Sizing – A Guideline

Up to 18 months 4.5″ (11.5cm)
Junior 5-7 yrs old 6″ (15cm)
Older Child 9-12yrs 6.5″ (16.5cm) – 7″ (18cm)
Teen 7″ (18cm) – 7.5″ (19cm)
Average Adult 7.5″ – 19cm

What age group is Pandora for?

The Pandora service is not intended for use by children under the age of thirteen. Unfortunately, we cannot allow children under that age to open or have their own accounts for the Pandora service. To upvote this idea, please click on the ❤️ icon next to the title of the request. Hope this helps.

What size is 18 in Pandora bracelet?

Pandora Moments

Wrist Size Bracelet Size
15 cm 17
16 cm 18
17 cm 19
18 cm 20
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