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How do I open DFHack console?

How do I open DFHack console?

On Windows, this console will open automatically when DF is started. On Linux and macOS, you will need to run the dfhack script from a terminal (instead of the df script included with DF), and that terminal will be used by the DFHack console. Basic interaction with DFHack involves entering commands into the console.

How do I use DFHack?

DFHack commands can be executed in a number of ways:

  1. Typing the command into the DFHack console (see below)
  2. From the OS terminal (see below)
  3. Pressing a key combination set up with keybinding.
  4. From one of several Init Files, automatically.
  5. Using script to run a batch of commands from a file.

How do I run DFHack script?

Using an OS terminal

  1. DFHack commands can be run from an OS terminal at startup, using ‘+ args’, or at any other time using the dfhack-run executable.
  2. If DF/DFHack is started with arguments beginning with + , the remaining text is treated as a command in the DFHack console.

How do I use DFHack commands?

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