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How does the Bioforce revolution work?

How does the Bioforce revolution work?

In the Bioforce filter, foam removes particles, Kaldnes biological filtration purifies the water and the UVC eliminates green water. The clear and healthy water leaves the pressurised Bioforce filter and can be pumped up to a higher exit point to create relaxing waterfalls.

How does Hozelock filter work?

The water passes into the bottom of the filter, passes through the biological media, and rises up through the foam filters. Waste in the bottom chamber can be desludged. The water exits through 32mm pipework This filter will look after 170cm of fish, and has a maximum flow rate of 2000 lph.

How do you maintain a pond pump?

Conduct regular cleaning and seasonal maintenance according to your owner’s manual. Keep water flowing freely to the pump by routinely cleaning the skimmer debris net and filter mat. Be sure to maintain proper water level in the water feature. Avoid allowing the pump to run dry or operate in low water level situations.

How often should I clean pond filter?

They are essential to the health of the pond. The longer the filter is left undisturbed, the better it will do its job. The filter should not be cleaned more than a few times a year; once or twice a year is typical.

Should a pond pump be on the bottom of the pond?

The pump should be positioned at the bottom of the pond yet within easy reach for maintenance. A top tip is to attach cord or rope to the pump so it can be easily lifted out of the pond – never lift a pump by its electrical cable as this is dangerous.

Where should a pond filter be placed?

They can be buried in the ground up to their lids or placed a long way away from a pond or waterfall, behind a tree or in a shed. This makes them especially useful when a waterfall is required but you don’t want the filter to be seen or spoil the natural look that you’ve created.

How do I clean pond filter media?

How To Clean Pond Filters

  1. Remove basket, mat, pump, check valve, and anything else in the filter.
  2. Carefully clean the harder parts with a power washer.
  3. Remove any debris from the bottom.
  4. Take apart filter and clean the filter media with a hose using water from the pond.
  5. Put the filter back together.

How often does a pond pump need cleaning?

The first pond may need the pump cleaned as often as once a month, while the second, larger pond may only need the pump to be cleaned once every six or eight months.

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