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How many tracks are there in Crash Team Racing?

How many tracks are there in Crash Team Racing?

Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled – All 40 Tracks.

What is the longest track in CTR?

Tiny Arena is the longest track in the original CTR.

How many tracks are in Crash Nitro Kart?

Crash Nitro Kart features a total of 13 racetracks and 5 battle arenas, of which 1 racetrack and 1 battle arena must be unlocked (denoted with an *). All the racetracks in the game feature in-race minimaps, except for Hyper Spaceway which does not display any whatsoever.

How do you get the golden Wumpas on CTR?

Your goal is to chase after and catch them, either by touching it or hitting it with a weapon. Catching the Golden Wumpa will add 200 Wumpa Coins once you finish the race. They will not be counted if you Quit or Restart the race. Golden Wumpa disappear 25 seconds after being spawned, and Ghosts 45 seconds.

How many levels are in Crash Bandicoot Nitro-fueled?

The remake / remaster of CTR: Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled has 44 race tracks (18 CTR, 14 CNK, 12 Arenas). This page contains a complete list of all race tracks with a picture for each one.

How often do Golden wampus appear?

Golden Wumpa Fruit appear every six races, while Ghosts appear on ever Nina’s Nightmare race. This makes it very important that you collect them when they’re available.

What do beenox crates do?

The Beenox Crate is a special type of crate in Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled, added in the Post-Grand Prix update. One is hidden in each of the game’s 39 tracks (the PlayStation 4 exclusive Retro Stadium not included) and breaking all of them will unlock the Iron Checkpoint Crate as a playable racer.

Which track gives the most Wumpa coins?

Undoubtedly the fastest way to get Wumpa Coins is to play online. Every day, you’re able to earn five times as many Wumpa Coins as normal for a limited time. This takes effect for your first 30 minutes of online races.

What do Golden Wumpas do?

Golden Wumpa Hunt is a “global” feature rather than a specific mode; it’s active across the Adventure, Single Race, CTR Challenge and Online modes of the game. Somewhere on the track will be a crate with a golden glow. Smash it, and a Golden Wumpa Fruit will spawn and shoot up the track.

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