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How much is a case combine worth?

How much is a case combine worth?

A used combine can be purchased for as low as $5,000 – $6,000 for older machines with higher machine hours. A used 2021 model, for comparison, will be an average of around $450,000.

What class is a 8010 case combine?

somewhere around 300-325 hp and the 8010 is a class 8 with 425-450 somewhere around there.. u can reverse the rotor and adjust the sieves in the 8010 and they also have different cabs… 8010 is huge and has more visability.

What is the biggest Case IH combine?

Case IH Unveils Its Colossal Class IX Axial-Flow® Combine—the 9120. “It’s the biggest combine, with the highest horsepower in North America,” says Leo Bose, Case IH combine marketing manager.

How many hours will a combine last?

it could have 4,000-5,000 engine hours and 2,500-3,000 separator hours or more. The depreciation of the machine slows over time. By the time it reach 17-20 years old, typically the value of the machine is 10-20% of the original value when the machine was new.

What is the average cost of a combine?

It can be expensive to purchase a combine if you are buying new. In fact, a new combine may set you back anywhere between $330,000 and $500,000 , but a used combine may only cost between $5,900 and $450,000. On average, a used machine should be priced at around $122,200.

How tall is a 8010 combine?

12.5 ft

Height to Top of Isomount Cab 12.5 ft (4 m)
Wheelbase 12.2 ft (4 m)
Width Over Tires 13.1 ft (4 m)

What company sells the most combines?

Deere reckons to account for over 45% of combine sales worldwide, having sold more than 1.1 million units in the past 80 years, while Claas is the leader in Western Europe with around 40% market share achieved by combines produced at its Harsewinkel headquarters in Germany, ahead of New Holland, which claims about a …

What is the best combine in the world?

Which is the Best Combine Harvester? 6 Options

  1. Claas LEXION 8900. The 8900 is the most powerful combine harvester in the Lexion 8000 series.
  2. New Holland TC5. New Holland manufactures several different combine harvesters, but the TC5.
  3. John Deere S700.
  4. Case IH 8250 Axial-Flow.
  5. John Deere S690.
  6. Claas Lexion 780.

What to look for when buying a used combine?

The first thing you have to do when buying a used combine, is a thorough visual inspection. This will reveal any obvious signs of wear and tear or damage. Pay extra attention to the larger belts, chains, and sprockets. If they look too worn, maybe the previous owners overworked the machine or didn’t get it serviced.

How tall is a case combine?


Height to Top of Isomount Cab 28.8 ft (9 m)
Overall Length 23 ft (7 m)
Wheelbase 147.9 ft (45 m)

What is the most reliable combine?

What is the most and least reliable combine make?

  • Claas – most reliable. Votes: 31 27.2%
  • Claas – least reliable. Votes: 14 12.3%
  • New Holland – most reliable. Votes: 44 38.6%
  • New Holland – least reliable.
  • John Deere – most reliable.
  • John Deere – least reliable.
  • Massey Ferguson – most reliable.
  • Massey Ferguson – least reliable.
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