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How old is cardia in code realize?

How old is cardia in code realize?

Younger Than They Look: Due to being a homunculus, Cardia is actually no more than about six years old, and has only been aware for two years of that time.

How long is code realize guardian of rebirth?


Single-Player Polled Average
Main Story 16 12h 18m
Main + Extras 7 24h
Completionists 40 38h 48m
All PlayStyles 63 30h 26m

Does Cardia end up with Lupin?

At the end of the anime, she and Lupin get married (which now makes her Cardia Lupin).

Who does Cassia end up with in code realize?

Arsène Lupin He takes her, alongside Impey to London in which the plot of the game happens. In the anime, Cardia marries him (which makes her Cardia Lupin).

How many endings are in code realize?

You play as Cardia, who must make choices that increase the other characters’ affection for her as well as advance the story toward three potential endings: bad, normal, and good. Affection determines which route the story will take following the common route.

Is Impey a vampire code realize?

Impey shows off his mad fighting skills. At this point, Cardia realizes that Impey is a vampire, as that is the only explanation for his super-strength and durability.

Who does Cassia end up with in Code:Realize?

Is Impey a vampire Code:Realize?

What did Cassia do with the paper from her compact?

She’s spotted with the paper by Ky, but luckily he promises to keep her secret. Cassia drops the paper in an incinerator at her dad’s work. Cassia confronts her father about losing Grandfather’s tissue sample; she learns it was deliberate, done at grandfather’s request.

How many chapters are in code realize guardian of rebirth?

It is fairly short, with only thirteen chapters in each route. The common route ends at chapter eight, so there are five unique chapters per character.

Why is Ky an aberration in matched?

Ky Markham is an Aberration that was adopted by the Markham family in the same borough as Cassia Reyes because their son had been killed by an escapee Anomaly (Later in Reached we find out that Ky’s cousin Matthew actually vanished to the Otherlands.).

Why is Ky not allowed a match?

Xander is her match. In fact, Ky is not allowed to marry anyone, as he is an Aberration, a person that must remain single because he or his family has committed an infraction. In Ky’s case, his father committed the infraction. Even though Ky’s aunt and uncle raised him, the Society can’t overlook his father’s actions.

Is Ky Markham black?

Ky is described as very good-looking and has a very gentle and calm personality. He smiles very little but is a kind person. He has black hair, darker skin tone and dark, deep blue eyes. Ky also struggles with his past life, which was taken forcefully from him by the Society.

Is Matched appropriate for 12 year olds?

This was written by my eleven year old daughter : I loooooove matched. Since I read it it’s my favorite book by far. This is for 11 year olds for sure and I totally recommend you read it.

Does Cassia end up with KY?

Cassia has difficulty deciding who she loves more — Ky or Xander — both of whom have loved her since their childhoods. She finally decides Ky is the only one for her, and Xander pursues Lei, who turns out to be Vick’s (from the second book) Match.

Why is Ky an aberration in Matched?

Why is Ky Markham an aberration?

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