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Is Carmel College a good school?

Is Carmel College a good school?

Not only do Carmel’s students consistently achieve excellent results year on year but the progress students make after their GCSEs is what makes Carmel stand out from other Sixth Form Colleges. 2021’s exam results were fantastic once again. Congratulations to all our students and their teachers!

When did Carmel College close?

The college eventually closed its doors suddenly in 1997, citing financial difficulties. This was to the surprise of many of the staff and students, many of whom were in advanced preparation towards their A-levels at the time.

What decile is Carmel College?

It was established by the Sisters of Mercy in 1957 starting with a student roll of only 15 girls. The College’s brother school is nearby Rosmini College….Carmel College, Auckland.

Carmel College
Principal Christine Allen
School roll 996 (March 2022)
Socio-economic decile 9Q

What grades do you need for Carmel College?

Welcoming students of all faiths

  • A Levels – You will need to aim for 5 grade 5s or above in your GCSEs (or equivalent)
  • T level Programme – You will need 5 grade 4s or above at GCSE (or equivalent) inc grade 5s in English & Maths.
  • BTEC Programme – You will need 5 grade 4s or above at GCSE (or equivalent)

How many students does Carmel College have?

Approx 1,800 full-time 16-19-year-old students, the majority of whom are studying and Advanced Level course. Students apply to us from over 90 high schools every year.

Who started Carmel College?

Mary Justine Gillies was given the mission of founding Carmel College, initially with fifteen students and no actual classrooms. Sr. Justine gathered dedicated teaching Sisters and, as the school grew, these Sisters were joined by the first full-time lay teacher, Mrs Verena Butler, in 1963.

Is Takapuna Grammar a good school?

Takapuna Grammar School is an outstanding school – highly sought after by families living locally and further afield. The school has a strong reputation for providing an excellent and broad education, thus ensuring that all students can reach their personal potential.

Is Howick College a good school?

Howick College is very well placed to sustain and improve its high quality performance. A culture of continuous improvement permeates the school. The management of change is well paced and considered. Self review has effectively promoted school development and coherence in its systems.

Does Carmel College have a uniform?

Carmel College offers an on-site Uniform Shop that supplies both uniforms and accessories for students. Purchases can be made either in person, over the phone, or by visiting our online shop. Please note that prices are subject to change. Note: The Uniform Shop does not accept cash payments.

What can you study in Carmel college?

At Carmel, we have a fantastic range of A Level subjects to choose from….A level course pages further information

  • Art – 3D Design.
  • Art – Fashion & Textile Design.
  • Art – Fine Art.
  • Art – Graphic Design.
  • Art – Photography.
  • Biology.
  • Business Studies.
  • Chemistry.

What decile is Takapuna Grammar?


Takapuna Grammar School
School roll 1879 (March 2022)
Socio-economic decile 10Z

How many people go to Takapuna Grammar?

Student Population: Year Level

Funding year level Gender Total
Year 13+ Female 163
Year 13+ Male 165
Year 13+ Total 328
Total Female 963

Is Macleans College a good school?

In a recent university rankings survey Macleans College has been named as the highest state school in New Zealand and third overall in terms of admissions to the world’s most competitive universities, including Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, University of Chicago, Oxford and Cambridge.

What decile is Edgewater College?

Decile 02
School Qualifications: NCEA Level 1

Comparison group Below NCEA level 1
2018 2020
State 5,616 6,497
Decile 02 482 553
New Zealand 6,355 7,003

How many people are in Carmel college?

Is Carmel College a university?

Carmel University Centre offers a wide range of degree programmes in partnership with prestigious universities; The University of Liverpool and Liverpool Hope University.

Is Carmel an Irish name?

Carmel is Irish Girl name and meaning of this name is “Garden of God, Garden, Woodland”.

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