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What causes a flabby ridge?

What causes a flabby ridge?

A fibrous or flabby ridge is a superficial area of mobile soft tissue affecting the maxillary or mandibular alveolar ridges. It can develop when hyperplastic soft tissue replaces the alveolar bone and is a common finding particularly in the upper anterior region of long term denture wearers.

What is edentulous ridge?

The duration of edentulousness is one of the most important factors contributing to the severity of bone loss. ‘Flabby’ridge is a superficial area of mobile hyperplastic soft tissue affecting the edentulous alveolar ridges in long term denture wearers.

How do you manage a flabby ridge?

Methods applied for flabby ridge management, include surgical removal and augmentation, special impression techniques, balanced distribution of occlusal loads and implant therapy. Special impressions often involve window technique for static impression of flabby area, which present multiple challenges.

What is Mucocompressive impression?

Mucocompressive means that the impression is taken when the mucosa is subject to compression. These impressions will generally lead to a denture that is most stable during function but not at rest.

What is the residual ridge?

Residual Ridge – The portion of the residual bone and its soft tissue covering that remains after removal of teeth. Residual Bone – The component of maxillary and mandibular bone, once used to support the roots of the teeth, that remains after teeth are lost.

What is residual alveolar ridge?

“Residual alveolar ridge is that portion of the alveolar ridge and its soft tissue covering which remains following the removal or loss of teeth”.

What is Hanau’s quint?

Hanau, contemporary American dentist] The five determinants or variables that affect occlusal contacts. They are the orientation of the occlusal plane, the mandibular condylar guidance, the incisal guidance, the cuspal angle, and the compensating curve.

Who gave Mucocompressive technique?

Mucocompressive theory: The mucocompressive technique was initiated by Greene Brothers. (5) They introduced a modeling plastic, a method for manipulating it and a technique that is said to have been the first to utilize the entire denture bearing area for denture retention.

What causes apical granuloma?

It is a lesion or mass that typically starts out as an epithelial lined cyst, and undergoes an inward curvature that results in inflammation of granulation tissue at the root tips of a dead tooth. This is usually due to dental caries or a bacterial infection of the dental pulp.

What is the alveolar ridge?

Definition of alveolar ridge 1 : the bony ridge or raised thickened border of the upper or lower jaw that contains the sockets of the teeth : alveolar process It is common for many of the teeth to be displaced from the alveolar ridge into the palate. — M. A.

What is Masseteric notch?

Just buccal to the crest of the mandibular ridge in the distal-buccal corner of the arch is an area known as the masseteric notch.

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