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What does se mean in Samoan?

What does se mean in Samoan?

expression of frustration — Se, tope mai!: Hurry up and get over here!;

What is MOE in Samoan?

sleep. verb. en to rest in state of reduced consciousness.

What does Ulavale mean in Samoan?

English Translation. bargain. More meanings for ulavale. ridiculous.

What does SOIA mean in Samoan?

Useful phrases in Samoan

English Gagana Samoa (Samoan)
Leave me alone! Alu ese ma a’u!
Help! Fia ola!
Fire! Le afi!
Stop! Soia!

What does Pogaua mean?

“Pogaua” and “Alelo” signifying throat and tongue respectively are used in the heat of the moment and not meant to insult but merely to express one’s feelings against another person.

What does IA manuia mean?

Ia manuia. Cheers! Good Health! (Toasts used when drinking) Manuia!

What is Faafetai?

English Translation. thank you.

What does Auaga mean in Samoan?

English Translation. woe. More meanings for auega. lamentation.

What’s the meaning of Talofa?

Samoan salutation To life, live long
Talofa is a salutation or greeting in the Samoan language of the Samoan Islands. Talofa echoes in such phrases as ta’alofa in Tuvalu, aloha in Hawaiian and aro’a in Cook Islands Māori. Another Samoan salutation To life, live long!

What does Shunna mean?

Origin:Irish. Popularity:10670. Meaning:God is gracious.

What does Aumaga mean?

Definition of aumaga : the village organization of untitled men in Samoa.

What is Malo Samoan?

This is a colloquial greeting. While ‘talofa’ is ‘hello’, ‘malo’ is ‘hi’ or ‘g’day’. The response to this is ‘malo lava’. Some more Samoan ‘M-words’ below…

What is alofa ATU?

English Translation. love you.

What does Unluggy UCE mean?

“One of the contestants said the term that we hear a lot from Samoan and Pasefika youth — ‘unluggy uce’, which is slang for ‘unlucky uso,'” Lefaoali’i laughed.

What does Leka mean in Tongan?

Entry Orthography English
24 leka small
25 lika know something about
26 loka rough sea
27 luku old and weak

What is Matai English?

mātai. 1. (noun) sea, ocean.

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