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What is special about Comte cheese?

What is special about Comte cheese?

Comté cheese is made in the Jura Massif region of eastern France from unpasteurized cow’s milk. It is a semi-hard cheese, pale yellow in color, with a texture that ranges from open, supple, and grainy for younger cheeses to dense, firm, and crystalline for more aged cheeses.

What cheese is Comté similar to?

Within the realm of cheese aged in caves, Gruyère strongly resembles Comté. Almost identical in both texture and taste, it presents stronger tones of butter and hazelnut. As a substitute for Comté, you will fair no better than the Swiss Gruyère. For a different take, Fontina proves a worthy replacement for Comté.

Is Comte cheese the same as Gruyère?

Comte Cheese Comte cheese is a semi-firm French cheese with a taste similar to Gruyère and a creamy texture that melts just as easily. Actually, Comte is considered as Gruyère’s French twin as it has a very similar taste and texture. It is made from unpasteurized cow’s milk and matured for several months.

Where is Comte cheese from?

Jura Mountains
Considered one of the finest cheeses in the world, Comté originates from the Jura Mountains in the western portion of the French Alps. This mountainous environment is perfect for raising cows, whose milk is used to prepare this cheese. The cheese ages in cold and humid cellars.

Is Comte cheese unhealthy?

Comté not only delights the palates of gourmands. It is also a healthy, natural food whose nutritional contents are useful in maintaining a balanced diet. Comté is rich in protein and has a wide variety of amino acids.

What does Comté mean in English?

Comte is the French, Catalan and Occitan form of the word ‘count’ (Latin: comes); comté is the Gallo-Romance form of the word ‘county’ (Latin: comitatus). Comte or Comté may refer to: A count in French, from Latin comes. A county in France, that is, the territory ruled by a count.

Is Comté similar to Swiss cheese?

Both cheeses are manufactured in the same way and have a comparable aging process. What sets them apart is that each product uses milk from different regions. Gruyère is Swiss, Comté is French. The different environment and food sources impact the milk’s flavor, resulting in slightly different tasting cheeses.

What is the best Comté?

The very best is called Comté Extra and is distinguished by a green band. The less good is labelled with a brown band and is better used for cooking. The best of the best comes from Fromageries Arnaud, winner of the Super Gold medal at the 2014 World Cheese Awards.

Is Comte high in cholesterol?

* The % Daily Value (DV) tells you how much a nutrient in a serving of food contribute to a daily diet….Cheese by COMTE nutrition facts and analysis per 1 onz (28.0 g)

Nutrient Amount DV
Cholesterol 29.96 mg 10 %

How do you pronounce comte?

COMTÉ: cone-TAY. (France’s renowned gruyere.)

Is Comté the best cheese?

Is Comte cheese good for you?

What is the meaning of Comte?

How do you eat Comte cheese?

The classic way to eat Comté, of course, is on a cheeseboard. This is an expertly-crafted cheese – it takes great skill to make cheese from raw milk, and sometimes it’s best to enjoy these things in their own right alongside some fresh fruit and a few chutneys.

What is the meaning of Comté?

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