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What is Susan Hay doing now?

What is Susan Hay doing now?

Broadcast Journalist Susan Hay has been part of the Global News family for more than 30 years. Her current position is anchor/producer of Making a Difference, the popular evening news segment profiling inspirational people and organizations throughout the GTA who are positively impacting others.

Who are the Global News reporters?


  • Chris Gailus. Anchor – Global News Hour at 6 BC.
  • Sophie Lui. Anchor – Global News Hour at 6 BC.
  • Kristi Gordon. Senior Meteorologist – Global News Hour at 6 BC.
  • Squire Barnes. Sports Director & Anchor – Global News Hour at 6 BC.
  • Sonia Sunger. Anchor – Global News Morning BC.
  • Paul Haysom.
  • Mark Madryga.
  • Katelin Owsianski.

Where is Farah Nasser now?

TORONTO, June 7, 2022 – Global News is pleased to announce that notable award-winning journalist and anchor Farah Nasser will be moving from Global Toronto to join Global National, Global’s flagship newscast, as weekend anchor. She will continue reporting for the national current affairs program, The New Reality.

How old is Suzanne Hay?

60 years (August 15, 1961)Susan Hay / Age

How old is Susan Seaforth?

79 years (July 11, 1943)Susan Seaforth Hayes / Age

What nationality is Farah Nasser?

CanadianFarah Nasser / Nationality

How old is Doug Julie?

With the average retirement age hovering around 60 years old in the United States, one could imagine that 94-year-old Days of our Lives actor Bill Hayes (Doug Williams) and 76-year-old actress Susan Seaforth-Hayes (Julie Williams) would be seeking a slow, post-work lifestyle.

How long has Susan Seaforth and Bill Hayes been married?

Susan Seaforth Hayes
Born Susan Seabold July 11, 1943 Oakland, California, U.S.
Occupation Actress on Days of Our Lives
Years active 1953–present
Spouse(s) Bill Hayes ​ ( m. 1974)​

What nationality is Daintre Christensen?

Christensen is a member of Ontario’s Nipissing First Nation, an Ojibwe and Algonquin community whose ancestors have lived on and around Lake Nipissing for more than 9,000 years.

Is Kasia bodurka polish?

Growing up Polish, Kasia was often called a “Chatty Kathy” for her vibrant persona and fitting name translation (Kasia is Polish for Kathy). It was no surprise that she majored in mass communication at The University of Ottawa, then went on to study broadcast journalism at Seneca College in Toronto.

How many kids does Farah Nasser have?

two kids
We have two kids: our son, Kian, and daughter, Arya. They keep us pretty busy!

Are Julie and hope sisters?

The role is unsuccessfully recast twice with Catherine Dunn in 1967, followed by Catherine Ferrar from 1967 until 1968….Julie Olson Williams.

Mother Addie Horton
Brothers Steven Olson
Half-sisters Hope Williams Brady
Spouse Scott Banning (1970–73) Bob Anderson (1974–1976) Doug Williams (1976–1979, 1981–1986, 1994–present)

Who are the hosts of the Global News Hour?

Anchors 1 Jeff McArthur – The Morning Show 2 Carolyn Mackenzie – The Morning Show and Global News at Noon 3 Farah Nasser – Global News at 5:30 4 Alan Carter – Global News at 5:30 and Focus Ontario 5 Antony Robart – Global News at 11 6 Crystal Goomansingh – Global News at 11 7 Angie Seth – Global News at 6 and Global News at 11 – weekend

Who are the news anchors on Global Saskatoon?

Global Saskatoon Anchors. Marney Blunt – Global News at 5; Blake Lough – Global News at 6 (*Regina) Antony Robart – Global News at 10 (*Toronto) Crystal Goomansingh – Global News at 10 (*Toronto) Angie Seth – Global News at 6 and Global News at 10 – weekend (*Toronto) Weather. Peter Quinlan – Chief Meteorologist

Who are the anchors on Global News?

Anchors 1 Jennifer Crosby – Global News Morning and Global News at Noon 2 Vanesh Pratap – Global News Morning and global News at Noon 3 Gord Steinke – Global News at 5 and Global News Hour at 6 4 Carole Anne Devaney – Global News Hour at 6 5 Nancy Carlson – Global News at 11 and Global News Hour at 6 6 – Global News Morning – weekend

How can I Watch Global TV for free?

GET THE GLOBAL TV APP FOR iOS OR ANDROID. Watch the latest episodes of your favourite shows. With Global TV App, you won’t miss a thing. See what’s new and watch the episodes everyone’s talking about. Plus get free access to exclusive content you won’t find anywhere else.

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