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Who is the CEO of Prism?

Who is the CEO of Prism?

You can view name of Chairman, CEO, CFO, Management Team, Board of Directors and Key Executives of Prism Johnson Ltd….PREMARKET.

Raveendra Chittoor Independent Director
Sarat Chandak Executive Director & CEO
Shobhan M Thakore Chairman
Vijay Aggarwal Managing Director

What is the business of Prism Johnson?

Prism Johnson Limited (Formerly Prism Cement Limited) is one of India’s leading integrated Building Materials Company, with a wide range of products from cement, ready-mixed concrete, tiles, bath products. The company has three Divisions, viz. Cement, H & R Johnson (India), and RMC (India).

Who is the owner of Prism Cement?

Board Of Directors

Name Designation
4 Mr. Vijay Aggarwal Managing Director
5 Mr. Vivek K. Agnihotri Executive Director & CEO (Cement)
6 Mr. Sarat Chandak Executive Director & CEO (HRJ)
7 Mr. Atul Desai Executive Director & CEO (Prism RMC)

Who owns Prism Johnson?

The Company was incorporated in the year March 26 1992 in the name of Karan Cement Limited promoted by the Rajan Raheja Group.

Who owns Prism Cement?

Who is the owner of Satna Cement?

at Birla Corporation Ltd.

Who is the owner of Prism cement?

Who owns CK Birla?

Birla. Chandra Kant Birla is an Indian industrialist and philanthropist. He is chairman of the CK Birla Group, a conglomerate operating across home and building products, automotive and technology, and healthcare and education.

Who owns MP Birla cement?

Mr Harsh V Lodha is now Chairman of the Company. The Company had a turnover of Rs 6,785.45 crores in 2020-21 and a net profit of Rs 630.14 crores….Installed Capacity.

Product Installed Capacity
Cement 19.5 Million Tons
Jute Goods 52,631 Metric Tons
Iron & Steel Casting 3,750 Metric Tons

Who owns Cemex now?


Type Sociedad Anónima Bursátil de Capital Variable
Key people Rogelio Zambrano Lozano (Executive Chairman) Fernando A. González (CEO)
Products Cement, ready-mix concrete, and construction aggregates
Revenue US$ 13 billion (2020)
Net income (US$ 1.47 billion) (2020)

Which cement share is Best Buy?

So without further ado, let’s try to understand these stocks in detail.

  • UltraTech Cement Ltd. – Best Concrete Stock in India.
  • Shree Cement Ltd. – Cement Stocks in India.
  • Ambuja Cements Ltd.
  • ACC Ltd.
  • JK Cement Ltd.
  • Dalmia Bharat (Amalg) Ltd.
  • The Ramco Cements – Top Cement Stocks to Buy.
  • Nuvoco Vistas Corp Ltd.

Is MP Birla and Aditya Birla same?

MP Birla was the grand uncle to Kumar Mangalam Birla of Aditya Birla group. Priyamvada Birla had allegedly bequeathed her estate to Kolkata-based chartered accountant RS Lodha after her death in 2004.

Is CEMEX publicly traded?

CEMEX is incorporated as a variable stock corporation organized under the laws of the United Mexican States (“Mexico”). Its shares are listed on both the NYSE and the Mexican Stock Exchange (“MSE”).

Is CEMEX a Fortune 500 company?

FORTUNE Global 500 2006: Cemex.

Is it a good time to invest in cement stocks?

The stellar rise in the growth of top cement companies in India compels investors to dig as soon as they find the best stock in the cement industry. After all, as per IBEF, India’s cement production witnessed a sharp rise of 7.8% in 2021 compared with the previous year.

Is it good to invest in cement stocks?

Cement Stocks in India Cement industry is currently going through a structural change as COVID-19 forced many companies to manage their costs effectively. Strong pricing levels across regions and low operating costs helped cement companies in not only overcoming the crisis but also getting back to growth in FY21.

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