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Who wrote Rocky the musical?

Who wrote Rocky the musical?

Thomas MeehanRocky the Musical / PlaywrightThomas Edward Meehan was an American playwright. He wrote the books for the musicals Annie, The Producers, Hairspray, Young Frankenstein and Cry-Baby. He co-wrote the books for Elf: The Musical and Limelight: The Story of Charlie Chaplin. Wikipedia

When was Rocky the musical written?


Rocky the Musical
Book Thomas Meehan Sylvester Stallone
Setting 1975 Philadelphia
Basis Rocky by Sylvester Stallone
Premiere 18 November 2012: Operettenhaus, Hamburg

Has rocky been turned into a Broadway musical?

ROCKY received its world premiere in fall 2012 in Hamburg, Germany, where it continues to play to packed houses. The musical opened on Broadway on March, 13, 2014.

How long was rocky on Broadway?

Rocky: The Musical, the stage adaptation of the much-loved boxing film, has thrown in the towel after a six-month run. The musical was lately making just half of its weekly $1,263,688 revenue potential on Broadway.

What is the plot of Rocky?

Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone), a small-time boxer from working-class Philadelphia, is arbitrarily chosen to take on the reigning world heavyweight champion, Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers), when the undefeated fighter’s scheduled opponent is injured. While training with feisty former bantamweight contender Mickey Goldmill (Burgess Meredith), Rocky tentatively begins a relationship with Adrian (Talia Shire), the wallflower sister of his meat-packer pal Paulie (Burt Young).Rocky / Film synopsis

Is the Rocky musical good?

So yes, “Rocky” is a straight-down-the-center commodity musical-but a damned fine one, maybe the best I’ve ever seen. A knockdown hit, in fact. Rocky is a smash hit that shows no sign of slowing down… The rich and serviceable score is by the Tony winning songwriters Stephen Flaherty and Lynn Ahrens (Ragtime).

How much has the Rocky franchise made?

$1.7 billion
The franchise has been expanded into various films, and with a total worldwide gross of $1.7 billion, it is currently one of the highest-grossing media franchises.

What was Rocky based on?

boxer Chuck Wepner
Former boxer Chuck Wepner was widely seen as the man who inspired the Rocky film character created by Sylvester Stallone. A new film called Chuck looks at Wepner’s life. Wepner and the actor who plays him, Liev Schreiber, spoke to Talking Movies’ Tom Brook.

How long is the Rocky musical?

About 2½ hours
About 2½ hours. Tickets, $39-$250. At Winter Garden Theatre, 1634 Broadway, New York.

How much was Sylvester Stallone sued for Rocky?

$15 million
“I sued for $15 million, fuhgeddaboudit, I didn’t get a minute percentage of that,” Wepner said. “Stallone and I are friends now. We had to go to court. That was just business.

Who was Rocky Balboa in real-life?

Chuck Wepner
Like many fans of Sylvester Stallone’s Oscar-nominated role as Rocky Balboa in 1976’s Rocky, actor Liev Schreiber wasn’t aware of a key film fact. The unknown boxer character who gets the chance of a lifetime to fight the world’s heavyweight champion was inspired by an actual fighter named Chuck Wepner.

Who was the real-life Rocky?

Interestingly, Rocky Balboa is actually based on a real-life person: Chuck Wepner. Wepner was born in 1939, and first started fighting on the streets in Bayonne, New Jersey (an interest that would eventually earn him the nickname of “The Bayonne Bleeder,” since he bled a great deal during his fights).

Is Rocky Based on true story?

At a theater in Los Angeles, struggling actor Sylvester Stallone watched the Ali-Wepner fight and promptly went home and banged out the script for a little movie called “Rocky.” It wasn’t based on a true story — not directly. But it was inspired by and borrowed heavily from a true story.

How old do you have to be to go to a Rocky Horror Show?

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is rated “R,” which means no one under 17 admitted without a parent or guardian. This is a guideline and not the law, and we do not card anyone at the door. We trust that if teens and pre-teens are in attendance, they are there with the consent of their parents, if not in their company.

What was Rocky Balboa worth?

Stallone’s net worth is $400 million.

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