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Are Maytag washer any good?

Are Maytag washer any good?

Maytag has been a household name for well over a century, with a solid rep as an affordable and reliable appliance brand. The company’s washer and dryer sets are among its most popular products. Like every product Maytag manufactures, these sets offer a lot of value for your money, and they’re remarkably affordable.

How old is a Maytag 2000 Series washer?

Maytag Serial Numbers

Maytag (USA) – 24 Year Cycling Code
Code Year Year
Y 1976 2000
Z 1977 2001
A 1978 2002

How much does a Maytag Centennial washer cost?

The Maytag Centennial MVW425BW (MSRP $649) is one of the best washer values on the market.

Why is my Maytag Centennial washer so loud?

If your Maytag washer is making loud noises during its spin cycle, the most likely cause is a worn-out tub bearing. If the tub bearing is not responsible, one of the suspension components or the spider support arm (front-load washers only) is likely responsible for the noise issue.

How big is the Maytag 2000 Series washer?

ft. Capacity, 12 Wash Cycles, 1,200 RPM, Water Level Sensor, QuietSeries 300 and LED Display.

How long do Maytag Centennial washers last?

A new washing machine has an average life expectancy of 11 years. Consumer Reports does not recommend replacing any appliance that is more than eight years old if it is a high-end model.

Who makes the Centennial washing machine?

Maytag Centennial
Maytag Centennial 4-cu ft High Efficiency Impeller Top-Load Washer (White) at

Are new Maytag washers noisy?

This new style washer makes many different noises. Typically, a grinding or rubbing noise will only occur in the agitation/wash or spin portions of the cycle. The drive system on these units is different than previous washers. You may hear the motor sound as the motor alternates directions along with some gear sounds.

What does lf mean on a Maytag 2000 washer?

LF in the display When “LF” is displayed, there could be an issue with the water flowing into the machine. Check the water inlet hoses to be sure they are not clogged or kinked. You may also need to check the screens on the washer water inlet valve.

How old is my Maytag Centennial washer?

Find the year and month code. Each Maytag serial number contains two letters. These represent the year and month of manufacturing. They should be the ninth and 10th characters of the serial number.

Why is my Maytag washer banging?

Agitation or Wash. There will be a knocking/thumping noise as the drive system shifts from agitation mode to spin mode or vise versa. These sounds are part of the normal washer operation. Do not overload the machine, and do not wash 1 item by itself.

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