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Does Seiko make good dive watches?

Does Seiko make good dive watches?

Even at the entry point of around $300, Seiko’s automatic watches offer robust in-house movements with hacking and hand-winding capabilities (unlike many older models), and at just about every level, you can expect impressive quality for the price and serious diving specs.

How can I tell if my Seiko diver is real?

The Seiko movement and model number can be found on the caseback in two sets of 4 digits joined by a dash. The first 4 are the movement calibre number, the second four are the case/model number. Also check that the engraving is neat, evenly spaced, aligned and features sharp edges.

How good are Seiko prospex?

Generally speaking Seiko Prospex LX watches have water resistance ratings in the 200 – 1000m range. Practically speaking, I’d say that the durability of any of these high-end Seiko dive watches is about the same for 99% of practical applications.

What does Seiko PADI mean?

The Seiko Automatic Divers PADI SRPA21. Seiko watches have always been making waves. Many professional divers actually use their dive watches for their work. The Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) is the world’s leading scuba diver training organization.

Is Seiko prospex ISO certified?

The Prospex range of Seiko diver’s watches are rugged, stylish and classic looking diver’s watches that are water resistant to a minimum of 200 meters. They are also ISO-6425 certified. The word Prospex is simply abbreviated from the words ‘Professional Specifications’.

Are seikos nice?

Many watch enthusiasts feel that the quality is superior to other watch makers. Seiko’s high-end models are on par with Swiss brands such as Swatch. Overall, the company offers good quality, stylish and reliable watches. Regardless of how much you spend, your watch will be tough and durable.

Where are Seiko Divers watches made?

One of the most iconic dive watches of all time, the Seiko SKX007 is first….Pro tip: Made In Japan is not made in Japan.

Crystal: Hardlex
Water resistance: 200m
Complication: Day, Date

Why is it called Seiko turtle?

Probably the most popular watch on this list, the Turtle gets its name from the cushion shape of its case, which evokes the shell of the sea creature that it’s named after.

Is Seiko SKX009 ISO certified diver?

The Seiko SXK009 is ISO 6425 certified making it great for recreational Scuba diving and other water activities. The SKX009 is a very distinctive looking men’s divers watch at an affordable price.

Why doesn’t my Seiko say Made in Japan?

Seiko designates the watch models with a K or J. This doesn’t designate country of manufacturing but the country they can export the product to. Since the USA requires product to be marked with country of manufacturing, the “made in Japan” J model can’t be imported so Seiko sends the K models to the USA.

Why is it called Seiko Samurai?

It was called the Samurai by enthusiasts because of the sword-shaped hands on the original. They were made in steel, but a titanium version (Ref. SBDA003) was quite popular with Seikophiles. It ran Seiko’s 7s35 movement and was regarded as a tough, no-nonsense diver before production ceased in 2008.

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