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How did the Vikings Lions game end?

How did the Vikings Lions game end?

Brown as time expired, lifting the previously winless Lions to a 29-27 victory over the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday. “It feels good to stand in front of you now,” Goff said to reporters before answering a question. Not only was the finish dramatic, it was stunning.

What is the Vikings record against the Lions?

All-Time Record: The Vikings are 78-39-2 all-time (with no playoff games) against the Lions. They are 36-23-1 in games at Detroit. Series Notes: Minnesota has more victories against Detroit than against any other franchise.

What happened at the end of the Lions game?

In the end, the Vikings’ ugly first half, failed two-point tries, and some ill-timed penalties kept the Lions alive in a game where they didn’t convert a third down until the final minutes. The Vikings played with fire and they got burned on the last play of the game, setting off a celebration of relief in Detroit.

Who is favored Lions or Vikings?

Minnesota is the seven-point favorite and the over-under is listed at 47.5 in the latest Vikings vs. Lions odds from Caesars Sportsbook.

Why didn’t the Lions kick an extra point?

Detroit just headed into the locker room to celebrate rather than kick the extra point. The refs never made them line up to make the point after touchdown, and with it only being a two-point game, the Vikings could theoretically block the kick and return it for a two-point score, tying the ball game.

Did the Vikings loose?

Nothing happened to them. After the Viking age, the Northmen continued living their lives in the Scandinavian countries, and in the settlements created during the Viking age, such as Iceland and Greenland. The end of the Vikings occurred when the Northmen stopped raiding.

What is Aaron Rodgers record against Minnesota?

Aaron Rodgers has seen lots of success against the Vikings in his career. He has started 25 games and played in 26 games versus the Minnesota Vikings in his career. The 10-time Pro Bowl quarterback has a 14-10-1 record as a starter against the Vikings with 54 touchdown passes and seven interceptions.

What is the Vikings best record?

The best regular-season record was achieved in 1998, when the Vikings went 15–1, but kicker Gary Anderson, who had gone 35-for-35 in field goal attempts during the regular season, missed a 38-yard attempt with less than three minutes remaining in the NFC Championship Game.

Who did Detroit Lions lose to?

Detroit Lions absolutely throttled in blowout loss to Philadelphia Eagles.

How long was the Detroit Lions losing streak?

Detroit Lions end 364-day winless streak with last-gasp win over Vikings.

What were the odds of Lions winning?

Detroit Lions’ 2022 Super Bowl odds Detroit is tied with the second-longest odds to win it all. The Bills (+600) are the favorites, followed by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+700). At +10000, Detroit has an implied probability of winning the Super Bowl of 0.99% or 100/1 fractional odds.

Who is favored to win the Vikings game?

The Vikings are considered favorites in this matchup (indicated by -125), requiring a $125 bet to win $100 (plus the initial bet back). The Eagles are the underdog in this matchup, paying out $280 total for a $100 bet ($180 in winnings).

Why couldn’t the Bears kick the extra point?

The reason why no extra point was awarded to the Bears after the touchdown stems back to an NFL rule change. Back in 2018, the league decided to do away with the requirement about kicks after the final play of the game.

Who killed the Vikings?

King Alfred
King Alfred and the Danes King Alfred ruled from 871-899 and after many trials and tribulations (including the famous story of the burning of the cakes!) he defeated the Vikings at the Battle of Edington in 878.

Has Tom Brady beaten every team?

Brady finished undefeated against five clubs: the Falcons, Cowboys, Vikings, Buccaneers and Patriots. He finished with a . 500 mark against four clubs: the Broncos, Saints, Seahawks and Cardinals. The most absurd stat of all?

What year did the Vikings go 15 1?


1998 Minnesota Vikings season
Record 15–1
Division place 1st NFC Central
Playoff finish Won Divisional Playoffs (vs. Cardinals) 41–21 Lost NFC Championship (vs. Falcons) 27–30 (OT)
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