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How do I connect my Sony Bravia to my Sky box?

How do I connect my Sony Bravia to my Sky box?

Setting up your Sky Q UHD Box

  1. Connect your Sky Q box with the supplied HDMI 2.0 cable to your TV’s HDMI input that has HDCP2.
  2. If you have a Sony Android TV, please enable the ” HDMI Enhanced format.
  3. On Sky Q box, go to: [Settings] > [Setup] > [Audio visual] > and choose [2160p UHD].

How do I fix my Bravia Sync?

Press ACTION MENU → Select Sync Menu → Bravia Sync Settings → BRAVIA Sync device list → Enable….On the remote:

  1. Press (Quick Settings) → Settings → System → Restart → Restart.
  2. Press HOME → Settings → About → Restart → Restart.
  3. Press HOME → Settings → Device Preferences → About → Restart → Restart.

How do I set up my Sony Bravia TV sync?


  1. Turn on the connected device.
  2. Press the HOME button, then select [Settings] using the / buttons.
  3. Select [External Inputs] using the / buttons, then press the button.
  4. Select [BRAVIA Sync Settings] using the / buttons, then press the button.
  5. Select [BRAVIA Sync Control] using the / buttons, then press the button.

How do I turn on HDMI CEC on Sony Bravia?

Turn on the connected device. To enable [HDMI CEC Settings], press the HOME button, then select [Settings] — [BRAVIA Settings] — [External inputs] — [HDMI CEC Settings] — [CEC]. Activate HDMI CEC Settings on the connected device.

How do I connect my Smart TV to my Sky box?

If you have RFOut ports at the back of your Sky box, plug one end of the aerial cable into the RF Out 2 port. Run the aerial cable from your Sky box to your second TV, and plug the other end into your tvLink. Plug your tvLink into the second TV’s aerial socket.

Which HDMI port is arc on Sony BRAVIA?

If your Sony TV has an HDMI ARC connection, the HDMI input on the back—or the side—of your TV will have (ARC) labeled somewhere near the input. If you connect a soundbar from the HDMI output to an HDMI input without ARC, there will be no sound.

What is the BRAVIA Sync menu?

Using the Sync Menu Enables the selection of Bravia Sync-compatible equipment to be controlled by the TV’s remote. Device Control| Displays the menu, options and title list of the connected equipment, or turns the equipment off. Speakers. Switches the speaker output between the TV and the connected audio equipment.

Which HDMI port is arc on SONY Bravia?

How do I set the volume on my Sky remote to my Sony TV?

Using the Sky remote:

  1. Press TV then hold down select and 1 together until the LED flashes twice.
  2. If the remote flashes twice it will now control the sound of your amplifier when volume up, down or mute are pressed and your TV sound if arrow up, down or right are pressed.

Does Sony Bravia TV support HDMI CEC?

BRAVIA Sync connections In order for the system to function, all devices connected must compatible with the HDMI-CEC standard. The HDMI-CEC standard supports: 1 – TV. 1 – Audio system (A/V Receiver or Soundbar)

Is HDMI CEC and arc the same?

HDMI Arc and HDMI CEC are two separate entities. Arc is an enhanced function of HDMI technology. On the other hand, CEC or consumer electronics control is a single remote control for operating all HDMI systems.

Can I connect my Sky dish to my smart TV?

You cannot connect your satellite dish to your TV. The signals from satellites are in a different format since they come from such a far place. You need a satellite TV receiver to demodulate the signals from your dish. So, it is a coaxial cord to the set-top box and set-top box HDMI cable to your TV.

Why is my Sky box not connecting to my TV?

Re: SKY Q Box not connecting to TV To reboot press Standby on your Sky Q remote (if the box responds to the remote), and then switch off and unplug at the mains. Wait at least 30 secs and then Plug back in and switch your Sky Q box back on at the mains. note: some features may take up to 5 minutes to return.

How do I connect my Sony BRAVIA to my receiver?

Go to Parts and Accessories.

  1. Connect a Coaxial Digital Cable, Optical Digital Cable, or Audio cable to the Audio Output jack on your TV.
  2. Connect the other end of the cable to the corresponding jacks on the A/V receiver or home theater system.
  3. Turn on your TV.

What is Bravia Sync function?

Bravia Sync is a feature that enables your television’s remote to control other Bravia Sync-compatible equipment, through the use of the HDMI CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) technology.

How do I set the volume on my Sky remote to my SONY TV?

How do I pair my sky remote with my TV?

Pairing your Sky remote to your television is easy, just follow the steps below:

  1. Press Home on your Sky Q remote.
  2. Select Settings > Setup > Remote Control.
  3. Select the remote you’re using.
  4. Select Control your TV then select your TV brand.
  5. Select Find it for me.
  6. Hold down 1 and 3 together, and enter the code that appears.

How do I get my sky remote to control my TV volume?

What is CEC on Sony Bravia?

The HDMI-CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) is a HDMI® standard that provides control functions between different A/V devices such as TVs, home theater systems, Blu-ray Disc™ players, Cameras, Camcorders, and other HDMI devices. It allows you to control CEC compatible devices with one remote control.

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