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How do I set Folder Redirection in group policy?

How do I set Folder Redirection in group policy?

In Group Policy Management, right-click the domain or OU in which you want to set up Folder Redirection, and then select Create a GPO in this domain, and Link it here. In the New GPO dialog box, enter a name for the GPO (for example, Folder Redirection Settings), and then select OK.

How do I fix Folder Redirection?

Fix Folder Redirection Failed

  1. Take Ownership of the Folder. If you don’t have the permission to access the folder, you will, of course, encounter the Folder Redirection Failed error.
  2. Add Authenticated Users or Domain Computers.
  3. Clear Disk Space.
  4. Try the Find Target route.
  5. Change Ownership/Reset Defaults for all user folders.

What is Folder Redirection policy?

Folder Redirection enables users and administrators to redirect the path of a known folder to a new location, manually or by using Group Policy. The new location can be a folder on the local computer or a directory on a file share.

What are the advantages of using folder redirection in a Group Policy?

Folder redirection can copy data in the background, while the user is already working. It also provides the option to compress the data while moving it between the server and a client. The administrator can control the behavior for each share using group policies.

How do I redirect a folder in command prompt?

If the folder you want to open in Command Prompt is on your desktop or already open in File Explorer, you can quickly change to that directory. Type cd followed by a space, drag and drop the folder into the window, and then press Enter. The directory you switched to will be reflected in the command line.

How do I redirect a folder in Windows 10?

Open User Configuration > Policies > Windows Settings > Folder Redirection. Right-click Documents and click Properties. Choose Basic – Redirect everyone’s folder to the same location. Under Target folder location choose Create a folder for each user under the root path.

How do I view folder redirection in Windows 10?

How to verify that folder redirection works

  1. In a session, navigate to a folder you directed, right-click the folder, and then select Properties.
  2. In the properties window, navigate to the Shortcut tab and then check the Target field. If the field displays a redirected path, folder redirection works.

What are the advantages of using folder redirection in a Group policy?

What is the disadvantage of folder redirection?

The downside of folder redirection is that it requires a lot of disk space on the server. Also, users can’t get to documents when the server is unavailable.

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