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How do you unlock more maps on Black Ops 1?

How do you unlock more maps on Black Ops 1?

Interact with the computer to make a keyboard appear at the top right of the screen. Type 3ARC UNLOCK and press Enter to unlock all Zombie Mode maps.

What is the secret code in Black Ops 1?

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cheat Codes

Cheat Code
Unlock all intel (disables the Closer Analysis achievement) 3ARC INTEL
Unlock Zork: The Great Underground Empire ZORK
Unlock everything (mission select, Presidential Zombie mode, Dead Ops Arcade game, and Zork: The Great Underground Empire text-based adventure game) 3ARC UNLOCK

What code do you put in the computer on Black Ops?

Terminal Codes

  1. DOA – The code to unlock the Dead Ops Arcade game.
  2. 3ARC INTEL – Temporarily unlocks all the intel for viewing.
  3. 3ARC UNLOCK – Temporarily unlocks all levels in campaign and zombies mode.

How do you unlock Dead Ops on Black Ops 1?

Dead Ops Arcade is a hidden game mode/map in Call of Duty: Black Ops. It is the third Zombies map in Call of Duty: Black Ops. It is unlocked by typing “DOA” into the CIA computer (this just unlocks Dead Ops and nothing else), or by entering “3ARC UNLOCK” (this will unlock “Five” and all campaign levels as well).

Can you play Der Riese Black Ops?

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 (opens in new tab) has a remake of Der Riese, the final map from Call of Duty: World at War’s original Zombies campaign – but you can only play it if you buy one of the special editions.

Why is zombies locked on cod mobile?

All you have to do to unlock Zombies mode from Call of Duty Mobile is to reach level 5 by normally playing the rest of the game. Once you do this, players become as free to play as they want as long as it is available.

Is there a Easter egg to Five in Black Ops 1?

There is no Main Easter Egg in “FIVE”. This section was not meant to imply that there is one, simply to make it clear there isn’t one so that people don’t think it is missing.

How do I access Dead Ops?

What were the numbers in black ops?

It is 3, 24, 20, 12, 19, 17, 17, 22, 19, 23, 19, 4, 0, 7, 6, 7, 19, 10, 12, 16, 17, 6, 14, 4, 3, 17, 24, 20, 13, 24, 8, 16, 17, 1, 24, 9, 21, 15, 0, 5, 15, 4, 4, 23, 6, 11, 25, 14, 4, 20, 4, 9, 14, 18, 12, 8, 7, 21, 6, 4, 21, 7, 21, 4, 2, 14, 3, 14, 7, 18, 13, 6, 22, 16, 6, 1, 21, 21, 15, 3, 5, 24, 9, 11, 2, 10, 5, 21.

How do you unlock Zork in Black Ops?

In order to being the process of unlocking the Zork terminal, you are going to need to be within the CIA Safe House. Inside this house, there is a secret room where the process of unlocking the terminal will begin. You will need to find the locked door, which is located close to the weapons within the Safe House.

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