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How do you use capitulate in a sentence?

How do you use capitulate in a sentence?

Examples of capitulate in a Sentence The country still refuses to capitulate despite its weakening army and dwindling resources. The teacher refused to capitulate: no calculators were to be used during the exam.

What does I capitulate mean?

to surrender unconditionally
verb (used without object), ca·pit·u·lat·ed, ca·pit·u·lat·ing. to surrender unconditionally or on stipulated terms:When he saw the extent of the forces arrayed against him, the king capitulated, and signed their list of demands. to give up resistance: He finally capitulated and agreed to do the job my way.

What is an example of capitulate?

Capitulate definition To capitulate is to surrender or give in to all demands. An example of capitulate is when someone asks something of you and you give in to everything they request. verb. 2. To surrender under specified conditions.

What is the term for pertaining to?

appertaining (to), bearing (on or upon), referring (to), relating (to)

How do you use Adjuration in a sentence?

3) Her last adjuration to daughter was to escape from dinginess if she could. 4) With this hurried adjuration, he cocked his blunderbuss, and stood on the offensive. 5) It was plain enough that Mr. Jarndyce had not been neglectful of the adjuration.

What does it mean when a country capitulates?

capitulation, in the history of international law, any treaty whereby one state permitted another to exercise extraterritorial jurisdiction over its own nationals within the former state’s boundaries. The term is to be distinguished from the military term “capitulation,” an agreement for surrender.

Is Decapacitate a word?

To reduce something’s or someone’s capability to do something. Calcium bursts would increase spermatozoa motility, where cholesterol would decapacitate spermatozoa, so preventing untimely activation.

What is the suffix of Pertaining to?

There are a wide variety of suffixes that can be used to mean ‘pertaining to’. The suffixes to indicate ‘pertaining to’ include -ac, -acal, -al, -ar, -ary, -eal, -ial, -iac, -ic, and -ous.

What is an example of a suffix that means pertaining to?

4 Suffix

-amnios amnion, amniotic fluid oligohydramnios
-apheresis removal plasmapheresis
-ar pertaining to appendicular
-ary pertaining to coronary

What does Adjuration mean?

Definition of adjuration 1 : a solemn oath. 2 : an earnest urging or advising.

What is the meaning of abjuration?

: renounce specifically : to disclaim formally or renounce upon oath solemnly abjures his allegiance to his former country. Other Words from abjure. abjuration \ ˌab-​jə-​ˈrā-​shən \ noun.

Is capitulate the same as surrender?

By definition, capitulation means to surrender or give up.

What is the difference between surrender and capitulate?

Capitulation (Latin: capitulum, a little head or division; capitulare, to treat upon terms) is an agreement in time of war for the surrender to a hostile armed force of a particular body of troops, a town or a territory.

What does it mean to capacitate?

to make capable
Definition of capacitate transitive verb. 1 archaic : to make capable. 2 : to cause (sperm) to undergo capacitation.

What does it mean incapacitating?

1 : to deprive of capacity or natural power : disable. 2 : to make legally incapable or ineligible. Other Words from incapacitate Synonyms Example Sentences Learn More About incapacitate.

What adjectival suffixes that mean pertaining to?

Medical Terminology with Adjective Suffixes

  • -ac. pertaining to cardiac (pertaining to the heart)
  • -al. pertaining to duodenal (pertaining to the duodenum)
  • -ar. pertaining to ventricular (pertaining to the ventricle)
  • -ary. pertaining to; relating to pulmonary (pertaining to the lungs)
  • -eal.
  • -ic.
  • ical.
  • -ile.

What medical suffix means pertaining to?

-al. pertaining to, relating to.

Which is not a suffix used to mean pertaining to?

Med Term Chapter 1

Question Answer
Which is NOT a suffix used to mean “Pertaining to” -algia
Translate the suffix -logy Study of
The prefixes e- ec- and ex all mean Out
What is the meaning of the root troph/ Nurishment Development

How do you use Adjuration?

adjuration Add to list Share. Use the noun adjuration to describe the serious, whole-hearted way you begged your parents to let you have a puppy when you were little. During your adjuration to get that puppy, did you say, “I swear I’ll feed it and walk it every day!

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