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Is Blendtec worth the money?

Is Blendtec worth the money?

If you’ve read this far, you probably know I highly highly recommend purchasing a Blendtec. In my experience it’s a much more reliable machine that simply works better than the Vitamix. I love that I can grind nuts and grains into flours, nut butters, nut milks, dates, frozen bananas, and sauces with ease.

How long does a Blendtec blender last?

In the event something does go wrong with your motor, Blendtec offers an impressive 8-year warranty on their new blenders. I will say again, I’ve had mine for nearly 12 years and have had no issues. Friends of mine who have bought a refurbished Blendtec have also had great success with a strong, long-lasting motor.

Are Blendtec blenders better than Vitamix?

As far as raw power goes, Blendtec takes the lead with a 3.0 peak HP motor in their Designer 675, compared to Vitamix’s 2.2 HP motor. It’s worth noting that Blendtec offers an even more powerful 3.8 peak HP motor in their higher end models! That’s enough power to blend garden rakes.

Is Blendtec quieter than Vitamix?

Also, the Vitamix is slightly quieter than the Blendtec but by a mere few decibels.

Is Blendtec louder than Vitamix?

Blendtecs, in general, are slightly louder than Vitamix blenders simply because they have more horsepower.

Do Blendtec have a lifetime warranty?

Blendtec blender offers an 8-year warranty on their blender motor bases, a 3-year warranty on the blender jars, and a lifetime warranty on the blades.

What blender is better than Blendtec?

The Vitamix 5200 is our perennial favorite blender because it’s simply better at blending foods and liquids. Thanks to its tamper, the Vitamix also purees thick mixtures in half the time the Blendtec takes. On top of all that, the 5200 typically costs about $100 less than the Designer 675.

What Blender is comparable to Blendtec?

The Ninja Professional is a powerful and popular blender that is available at a much more economic price than the Blendtec. It is ideal for making great drinks and smoothies, and all its parts are BPA free. This blender’s most notable features include: 1000-watt professional power for perfect blending.

Can a Blendtec be repaired?

BLENDTEC’S CERTIFIED REFURBISHED PROCESS Our certified refurbished blenders are thoroughly inspected, repaired, and restored. Each blender is backed by a 1-year warranty.

Is Blendtec Made in USA?

DESIGNED AND ENGINEERED IN THE USA While the trend is to outsource, we do everything possible in-house, under one roof. This homegrown effort is the only way to meet our stringent quality standards and exceed your expectations.

Do Blendtec blades get dull?

Durability: Blendtec blades are fashioned from extremely strong, thick steel. This gives them a longer lifespan, and you don’t need to worry about them “dulling” over time. Maintenance: This is more of a bonus, rather than a reason to use dull blades, but they’re a lot easier to clean manually than razor-sharp units.

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