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Is empire owned by Cineworld?

Is empire owned by Cineworld?

Cineworld, the second largest exhibitor in the UK, has completed a deal with Cinema Holdings Limited, the parent company of the Empire Cinema chain, for the sale of five of Empire’s UK cinema sites.

What is D-Box Empire Cinema?

D-Box offers seats with motion; your cinema chair is synchronised to the film and mimics movements and vibrations on screen – immersive cinema at its very best. D-Box seats can vibrate, pitch back and forth, roll from side to side and heave up and down.

Do Empire Cinema sofas recline?

Much improved new cinema – the decor is much more modern and there’s a new wall with old movie posters on it. Cinema itself is excellent – relatively small room (compared to odeon) so good viewing ability. There are also new sofa chairs and reclining seats, but even in standard you get a good amount of leg room.

Are Empire and Odeon the same?

Empire Cinemas Limited was formed in 2005 when Empire acquired the cinemas divested from Odeon Cinemas and Cineworld after the Office of Fair Trading had required them to divest 11 of the Odeon chain and six of the Cineworld chain.

How many Empire cinemas are there?

Today, we’re the leading independently-owned cinema chain in the UK with 14 locations and 129 screens including our brilliant IMPACT® and IMAX® screens.

What happened to Empire cinema?

Empire Cinemas Ltd acquired both groups of available cinemas and began to rebrand them all as Empire Cinemas. In March 2020, Empire Cinemas and all other cinemas in the UK closed temporarily due to a national lockdown in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Are D-BOX seats recliner?

With these luxurious haptic recliners, D-BOX continues to enhance the in-theatre movie experience; immersing people in the storyline by perfectly synchronizing the action on the screen with patented individual motion control in the seats.

Is Empire D-BOX good?

The price is fair and still cheaper for that kind of viewing than most other cinemas around. The film is in 3D, the seats are huge and comfortable and recline. Then the seats move forward, back, side to side, and vibrate throughout all the action. These seats were definitely worth seeing an action packed film in.

Is empire owned by Odeon?

What is impact at Empire cinema?

IMPACT® is the ultimate way to experience blockbuster movies, SPECTACULAR screens, SENSATIONAL DOLBY ATMOS sound, SUPERB stadium seating and extra leg room! Up weight charges apply. Additional charges apply for 3D performances and when using 241 offers / vouchers for films in IMPACT®.

What happened Empire Cinemas?

Do you have to wear a mask at Empire cinema?

Yes. You’ll be required to wear a face covering at all times while at an indoor cinema, including while watching the film, unless you are exempt for health reasons.

Are you allowed to take food into Empire Cinema?

Food purchased outside the cinema may be consumed within the auditoria, however we politely ask that this doesn’t include take away food (burgers, pizza etc.) and customers avoid anything in glass packaging.

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