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What does Combobulated mean?

What does Combobulated mean?

To put together in order. To bring something out of a state of confusion or disarray.

What’s the difference between discombobulated and Combobulated?

“Discombobulate” is one: English never had a word “combobulate” to which the negative prefix could be applied. Most dictionaries trace “discombobulate” to a variation of “discompose,” “discomfit,” or “discomfort,” all of which were formed by adding negative prefixes to existing words.

What is an example of discombobulated?

Discombobulate definition To discombobulate is defined as to confuse or disorient. An example of discombobulate is for a roller coaster to turn someone upside down and make them feel disoriented.

How do you use the word discombobulate?

Informal. to confuse or disconcert; confound; bewilder: The speaker was completely discombobulated by the hecklers.

Is the opposite of discombobulated Combobulated?

Here “combobulated” means the opposite of “discombobulated”. Id est something equivalent to “sober”, “composed”, “sensible”, “in order”.

What does self Combobulated mean?

(humorous) To compose (one’s self); to compose, organize, design, or arrange; to reverse the effect of discombobulation. quotations ▼ After losing his train of thought, the teacher took a deep breath and attempted to combobulate himself.

What’s the opposite of Discombobulate?

I would suggest that “coherent” is a succinct antonym for “discombobulated.” If discombobulated is understood to mean “confused and wavering,” then coherent, meaning “logical and consistent in form or though,” counters it very well.

How do you use Combobulated in a sentence?

After losing his train of thought, the teacher took a deep breath and attempted to combobulate himself.

Does discombobulated mean confused?

discombobulate Add to list Share. Discombobulate is a fun, fancy word for “confuse.” If something has put you in a state where you don’t know up from down and you can’t spell your own name, you may be discombobulated.

When did discombobulated become a word?

At The Time Of Its First Known Appearance In Print, In 1834, It Was “discombobracated.” Later It Was Recorded As “discombobberate,” “discombooberate,” “discombobolate” And Even “discomboomerate,” Among A Wide Variety Of Other Forms. Around 1916 The Dust Finally Began To Settle And “discombobulate” Appeared.

What is the opposite of Discombobulate?

Antonyms. orient demystify deglycerolize disarrange undeceive unaffectedness stand still. baffle bewilder amaze flummox confound.

What is the best synonym for discombobulated?

Synonyms & Antonyms of discombobulated

  • addled,
  • baffled,
  • bamboozled,
  • beat,
  • befogged,
  • befuddled,
  • bemused,
  • bewildered,

What are some synonyms of discombobulated?

synonyms for discombobulate

  • befuddle.
  • bewilder.
  • confound.
  • disconcert.
  • fluster.
  • addle.
  • baffle.
  • disturb.

What are synonyms for discombobulated?

Is discombobulated a verb or an adjective?

adjective. dis·​com·​bob·​u·​lat·​ed | \ ˌdis-kəm-ˈbä-b(y)ə-ˌlā-təd \

What happens when you get discombobulated?

It’s a word that sums up the kind of generalised anxiety that you can’t put your finger on, but you know that something isn’t quite right. Feeling discombobulated can be a low-level but disconcerting fear of something not working out the way you’d like it to, and you may not have control of the outcome.

Is discombobulated in the Oxford dictionary?

discombobulated adjective – Definition, pictures, pronunciation and usage notes | Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary at

How do I stop discombobulated?

Gift yourself with an early night, preferably with some pampering beforehand (scented bath, good book, whatever your favourite wind-down routine is). Remind yourself that this discombobulated day will end when you go to sleep. No feelings or thoughts ever last.

Where does discombobulated come from?

“Discombobulate” was one in a series of words invented in the early to mid-1800s as part of a fad popular among educated high-society types who made up faux words by compiling Latin prefixes, suffixes, roots and other non-Latin components into silly-sounding combinations.

What is a synonym for discombobulate?

flustered, mortified, nonplussed. (also nonplused), rattled.

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