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What does it mean to elaborate your writing?

What does it mean to elaborate your writing?

Basically, elaboration means provding more specific details. So, if you have been asked to use more elaboration in your writing, you need to explain everything you have covered in your writing in greater detail. This will make your writing stronger and more impactful.

What makes your writing good?

Good writing is clear and concise. Lose filler words, like unnecessary adverbs and prepositional phrases, simply take up space and weigh a sentence down. Say exactly what you mean in the most direct way.

How do you write elaborate in a sentence?

Your Turn Turn the bare sentences below into a story. Elaborate each sentence by adding words, phrases, or clauses that answer some of the adverb questions: “How?” “When?” “Where?” “Why?” “To what degree?” “How often?” 1.

Why is elaboration in writing important?

The purpose of elaboration is to develop ideas so that readers can understand and appreciate a writer’s message (theme, main idea, claim, thesis, etc.); therefore, thoughtful elaboration is always guided by the purpose for the writing and the needs of the audience.

How do you use elaborate?

1[intransitive, transitive] to explain or describe something in a more detailed way elaborate (on/upon something) He said he was resigning but did not elaborate on his reasons. elaborate something She went on to elaborate her argument.

Why is elaboration important?

Elaboration helps students make connections between new material and what they already know. Asking learners to answer “Why?” questions encourages them to think more deeply about the new concepts and explore the connections to related topics, thus increasing the quality of learning.

How do you write good or write well?

Which is correct? Reason: The verb phrase “to write” requires an adverb, so choose “well.” Good is an adjective.

How can I become a good writer?

Below are tips to help you become a better writer:

  1. Set specific goals. Before you begin writing, make sure you have a clear objective in mind.
  2. Use simple and concise language.
  3. Read often.
  4. Take notes.
  5. Practice, practice, practice.
  6. Take active breaks.
  7. Match your tone to your audience.
  8. Get better at grammar and spelling.

Can you please elaborate meaning?

This means they want to explain in more detail or give more information. Instead of saying, Tell me more. you can say, Please elaborate. Please elaborate is more formal and academic than Please tell me more.

What is an elaborate example?

The definition of elaborate is done with great or numerous details. An example of elaborate is a wedding with a horse drawn carriage, a chocolate fountain, perfectly matching linens and a carefully executed theme. An example of elaborate is a chandelier with many branches, hanging crystals and other decorations.

How can I better elaborate?

How To Teach Writing 7 Strategies for Elaboration

  1. Describe a Place in Detail.
  2. Use Specific Words to Paint Pictures.
  3. Show How Something Feels, Smells, Tastes, Sounds or Looks.
  4. Compare Two Different Things Through Simile or Metaphor.
  5. Use the Exact Thoughts or Words from a Person.
  6. Describe How Someone or Something Moves.

How does elaboration strengthen a piece of writing?

Elaboration is also adding more detail to better explain what has already been said. Elaboration looks different depending on the genre in which you are writing. In Narrative, elaboration means to be more descriptive and help the reader feel like they are in the story.

Can you put elaborate in a sentence?

Examples of elaborate in a Sentence They made elaborate preparations for his visit. I see now that her behavior was all part of an elaborate plan. The dancers were wearing elaborate costumes. He told the story in elaborate detail.

Where I can use elaborate?

1[intransitive, transitive] to explain or describe something in a more detailed way elaborate (on/upon something) He said he was resigning but did not elaborate on his reasons. elaborate something She went on to elaborate her argument. 2[transitive] elaborate something to develop a plan, an idea, etc.

What does elaborate mean example?

What is learning elaborate?

Definition. Elaboration is a cognitive learning strategy that involves any enhancement of information that clarifies or specifies the relationship between information to-be-learned and related information, i.e., a learner’s prior knowledge and experience or contiguously presented information.

How do you compliment someone on writing?

Words of Appreciation for the Author or Content Writer

  1. Well-articulated!
  2. Love everything you write.
  3. I just loved it!
  4. Very well written.
  5. You’ve explained it better.
  6. What perfect writing!
  7. Such a great piece!
  8. No words, just applause.

How do you say you write well?


  1. absorbing.
  2. amusing.
  3. appealing.
  4. eloquent.
  5. engaging.
  6. engrossing.
  7. enjoyable.
  8. entertaining.

How do you write a good story?


  1. Give your story strong dramatic content.
  2. Vary rhythm and structure in your prose.
  3. Create believable, memorable characters.
  4. Make the important story sections effective.
  5. Deepen your plot with subplots.
  6. Make every line of dialogue count.
  7. Add what makes a good story (immersive setting)
  8. Create conflict and tension.
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