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What does the term Cephalad mean?

What does the term Cephalad mean?

toward the head
Definition of cephalad : toward the head or anterior end of the body.

What’s the opposite of Cephalad?

[kaw´dad] directed toward the tail or distal end; opposite of cephalad.

What does Caudad mean?

toward the tail
Definition of caudad : toward the tail or posterior end.

What is Cephalad flow?

In a direction toward the head.

What is an example of Cephalad?

reference to the posture of the body. Examples of how cephalad is used would be that the. heart is situated cephalad to the intestines, a fish’s gills. are situated cephalad to the tail, and the cervical. vertebrae runs cephalad to the thoracic vertebrae.

What is Cephalad and Caudad?

(ˈsɛfəˌlæd ) adverb. Anatomy and Zoology. toward the head, or anterior part of the body. see also caudad.

What is Cephalad vertebra?

Since the neck is closer to the head than the chest, the cervical vertebrae would. be considered cephalad when compared to the thoracic vertebrae. Cephalad is also. known as cephalic. The opposite of cephalad is caudal.

What does Ventr mean?

What does ventr- mean? Ventr- is a combining form used like a prefix meaning “abdomen.” It is sometimes used in medical and scientific terms. Ventr- comes from the Latin venter, meaning “belly, womb.” Ever seen a ventriloquist make it seem like their dummy’s talking?

Where is Cephalad?

Cephalad definition Toward the head, or anterior part of the body. Toward the head or anterior section.

How do you use Cephalad in a sentence?

How to use cephalad in a sentence

  1. Its lumen is very large in its caudal region, figure 5I, pag, and tapers gradually cephalad until it disappears.
  2. The allantois, al, extends cephalad for some distance from the floor of the cloaca.
  3. It is of elongated, pyriform outline, with the pointed end extending cephalad.

What is neck bone called?

These are the seven bones of the neck, called the cervical vertebra. The top bone, seen on the right of this picture, is called the atlas, and is where the head attaches to the neck. The second bone is called the axis, upon which the head and atlas rotate.

What is a Transviliquist?

Definition of ventriloquist : one who uses or is skilled in ventriloquism especially : one who provides entertainment by using ventriloquism to carry on an apparent conversation with a hand-manipulated dummy.

What is Ventrally?

1 : of or relating to the belly : abdominal. 2a : being or located near, on, or toward the lower surface of an animal (as a quadruped) opposite the back or dorsal surface. b : being or located near, on, or toward the front or anterior part of the human body. More from Merriam-Webster on ventral.

What’s another word for caudal?

What is another word for caudal?

back rear
hind rearward
posterior after
aft behind
rearmost final

What is area below neck called?

The larynx is located where the pharynx, the back of the mouth and nasal cavity, divides into the trachea (the tube that carries air to the lungs) and the esophagus (the tube that carries food to the stomach). That branch occurs near the base of the neck near the collarbones.

What is the hollow part of your neck called?

The larynx is often called the voice box because it houses the vocal cords and is responsible for producing sound during speech. It is part of the throat and is located in the middle of the neck.

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