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What guitar did Kenny Burrell play on Midnight Blue?

What guitar did Kenny Burrell play on Midnight Blue?

Gibson Super 400 archtop
On Midnight Blue, he delivers one of the greatest guitar sounds in the history of recorded music. (I assume it’s his Gibson Super 400 archtop through a Fender Deluxe.) Burrell’s supporting cast features Stanley Turrentine on tenor sax, Major Holley on bass, Bill English on drums, and Ray Barretto on congas.

What color is midnight blue?

Deep blue
Midnight blue is a dark shade of blue named for its resemblance to the apparently blue color of a moonlit night sky around full moon….Dark midnight blue (Crayola)

Midnight Blue (Crayola)
ISCC–NBS descriptor Deep blue
B: Normalized to [0–255] (byte)

Is Kenny Burrell still alive?

Burrell is a professor and Director of Jazz Studies at the UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music….

Kenny Burrell
Genres Jazz, blues, soul jazz
Occupation(s) Musician, educator
Instruments Guitar
Years active 1951–present

What kind of guitar did Kenny Burrell play?

Gibson Super 400
Guitar-wise, Burrell has used Gibsons for the majority of his career. Early on it was the ES-175 (with the Charlie Christian bar pickup) as well as the L-7 and L-5 models. But the guitar he is most associated with is the Gibson Super 400.

What nationality is Kenny Burrell?

AmericanKenny Burrell / Nationality
Kenneth Earl Burrell (born July 31, 1931) is an American jazz guitarist known for his work on numerous top jazz labels: Prestige, Blue Note, Verve, CTI, Muse, and Concord.

How do you mix midnight blue?

How do you make midnight blue? Simply mix a small amount of black paint into a blue base. There’s no exact ratio for how much black paint to add, just keep mixing until you reach midnight blue’s deep hue.

What does midnight blue symbolize?

Midnight blue carries the blue symbolism of importance, confidence, power, and authority. Dark blue is associated with intelligence, stability, unity, and conservatism. Because it is very dark, midnight blue can sometimes be a neutral like black, which is also often seen as a conservative and authoritarian color.

Is Kenny Burrell white or black?

He is a Black jazz guitarist known for his work on the Blue Note label. Kenneth Earl Burrell was born in Detroit, Michigan. Both his parents played instruments and he began playing guitar at the age of 12 after listening Charlie Christian’s recordings.

Who wrote Chitlins con carne?

Kenny BurrellChitlins Con Carne / Composer

Is Kenny Burrell black or white?

What colors match midnight blue?

beige color, blue colour, dull purple, electric blue, gray-blue, Grey Colour, light eggplant color, light gray-brown color, midnight blue, pastel shades, shades of fog, shades of gray with a purple tone, taupe color.

What Colours do I mix to get dark blue?

The easiest way to make dark blue paint is by mixing black paint into blue paint a little at a time. The more black you add, the darker the blue paint will become. Alternatively, you can mix orange paint into blue paint a little at a time until you get a darker shade of blue.

How old is Kenny Burrell?

90 years (July 31, 1931)Kenny Burrell / Age
Jazz guitarist Kenny Burrell, in an undated photo. One of the jazz world’s most enduring artists, the influential 87-year-old guitarist and composer Kenny Burrell, is facing financial ruin and homelessness.

Are chitterlings pork?

Chitlins (or chitterlings, if you’re fancy) are cooked pig intestines. While the vast majority of chitlins are pork, sometimes intestines from other animals (particularly cows) are used. They’re typically boiled, fried, or stuffed with mincemeat and served as just one part of a larger meal.

Does midnight blue look black?

Midnight blue is identifiably blue to the eye in sunlight or full-spectrum light, but can appear black under certain more limited spectra sometimes found in artificial lighting (especially early 20th-century incandescent). It is similar to navy, which is also a dark blue.

How do you make midnight blue?

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