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What is the best test to detect gallbladder problems?

What is the best test to detect gallbladder problems?

Ultrasound. Ultrasound is the best imaging test for finding gallstones. Ultrasound uses a device called a transducer, which bounces safe, painless sound waves off your organs to create an image or picture of their structure. If you have gallstones, they will be seen in the image.

What blood tests confirm gallbladder problems?

Liver tests, which are blood tests that can show evidence of gallbladder disease. A check of the blood’s amylase or lipase levels to look for inflammation of the pancreas. Amylase and lipase are enzymes (digestive chemicals) produced in the pancreas.

What can be diagnosed with a HIDA scan?

A HIDA scan is an imaging procedure that shows how well your liver, bile ducts and gallbladder are functioning. It can help diagnose certain conditions, such as cholecystitis, biliary leak and biliary atresia.

What are the symptoms of a low functioning gallbladder?


  • Jaundice.
  • Dark urine, lighter stools or both.
  • Rapid heartbeat and abrupt blood pressure drop.
  • Fever, chills, nausea and vomiting, with severe pain in the upper right abdomen.

How long does a HIDA scan take?

The whole scan may last up to 60 minutes as the tracer passes through your liver and into your gallbladder and small intestine. Several more pictures, each lasting a few minutes, may be taken over the next 2 to 4 hours. Each picture will take only a few minutes, but you will have to lie still for the whole test.

Can you drive home after a HIDA scan?

Plan for a responsible adult who can take you home after the scan. This person may drive you, or ride with you on a bus or taxi. You cannot drive yourself or take a bus or taxi by yourself. This is because we may give you a small dose of morphine to help us take pictures of your gall bladder.

How do you know if your gallbladder is inflamed?


  1. Severe pain in your upper right or center abdomen.
  2. Pain that spreads to your right shoulder or back.
  3. Tenderness over your abdomen when it’s touched.
  4. Nausea.
  5. Vomiting.
  6. Fever.

What does positive HIDA scan mean?

A HIDA scan might help in the diagnosis of several diseases and conditions, such as: Gallbladder inflammation (cholecystitis) Bile duct obstruction. Congenital abnormalities in the bile ducts, such as biliary atresia. Postoperative complications, such as bile leaks and fistulas.

Where do you itch with gallbladder problems?

Many people have no symptoms. Or you might feel tired or have pain in the upper right side of your abdomen or itchy skin. This condition is often found when routine blood tests show your liver isn’t working right.

Can you feel sick after a HIDA scan?

This hormone may cause short-lived side effects including abdominal cramping, pain, and nausea. Severe abdominal pain or nausea is uncommon, and the side effects tend to subside a few minutes after the injection is complete.

How long does it take to get results from a HIDA scan?

Results. The results of a HIDA scan are ready in 2 days. Normal: The radioactive tracer flows evenly through the liver and then into the gallbladder and the first part of the small intestine (duodenum).

Does your stomach swell with gallbladder problems?

If you do have gallbladder disease, you may experience symptoms of gallbladder disease such as abdominal distension and bloating, as your gallbladder is likely inflamed.

Can I drive home after a HIDA scan?

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