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What is the cost of Logitech webcam?

What is the cost of Logitech webcam?

₹1,895.00 Fulfilled FREE Delivery.

Is Logitech webcam wireless?

After analyzing hundreds of reviews amongst a multitude of products with varying price points and features, we’ve determined that the Logitech C920 is the best wireless webcam you can buy on the market today.

How expensive is the Logitech C920?

Compare with similar items

This item Logitech C920 Hd Pro Webcam (Black) Black Logitech C920 960-000767 USB HD Pro Webcam
Price $6992 $7828
Shipping FREE Shipping. Details FREE Shipping. Details
Sold By ABG Deals ABG Deals
Color Black

Which is the cheapest Logitech webcam?

Logitech Webcams

  • Logitech C310 Webcam. Black. 4.3. (2,908) ₹2,090. ₹2,384.
  • Logitech HD Webcam C270. 4.4. (13,556) ₹1,895. ₹2,595. 26% off.
  • Logitech C922 Pro Webcam. NA. 4.3. (297) ₹9,995. ₹12,995. 23% off.
  • Logitech HD Webcam C615. 4.1. (375) ₹3,699. ₹7,495.

How much is a good webcam cost?

The best webcam for most people Usually priced around $60, Logitech’s C920S Pro HD provides better video and mic quality than others that I tested in this price range.

What is webcam price?

3. ₹1,599.00. BLUELEX HD Webcam with Microphone, Auto Focus HD 720P Web Camera for Video Calling Conferencing Recording, PC Laptop Desktop USB Webcams. 394. ₹1,199.00.

How do I zoom in my Logitech webcam?

Here are the steps to enable zoom and other camera controls in the Logitech C920 webcam when you are using it in Microsoft Teams.

  1. Download and install the Logitech Capture app.
  2. Set the camera zoom and other settings in the Capture app.
  3. Use the Logitech Capture virtual camera in a Teams meeting.

How do I zoom my Logitech webcam?

Press the Windows button and search for “Logitech Camera Settings.” This may look slightly different on Windows 7 computers. On the home screen you will be presented with basic camera controls. The camera can be zoomed using the + and – buttons on the right, or panned or tilted using the up/down/left/right arrows.

Will Logitech work with Zoom?

Logitech Pro Zoom accounts allows for video, audio, and content sharing between up to 50 participants by default from any device including Windows and Mac computers, Android and iOS devices, H. 323 room systems, SIP software, and teleconference lines.

How expensive is a webcam?

Cameras at the resolution typically cost $50 to $100, and are best for most consumers. If the highest-quality video is required — and you’re not using your camera as a webcam — then you’ll want a webcam that can stream at 4K, like the Logitech Brio.

Which Logitech Webcam can Zoom in?


C920e BRIO
Zoom Capability Up to 1x Up to 5x
Autofocus Yes Yes
Auto Light Correction RightLight 2 RightLight 3
Noise Cancelling Mic(s) 2 omni-directional mics 2 omni-directional mics

Which camera is best for PC?

Here are the best webcams:

  • Logitech HD Webcam C920. Here’s the best overall webcam.
  • Razer Kiyo. Here’s the best webcam for streaming.
  • Papalook PA930. This best wecam is affordable and high quality.
  • Logitech StreamCam. Here’s the webcam with the coolest features.
  • Razer Kiyo Pro.
  • Logitech Brio 4K Pro Webcam.
  • Logitech Webcam C930e.

Which webcam is good for PC?

Logitech Brio It’s simply the best webcam when it comes to video quality. Its 4K camera (2160p/30 fps) produced a crystal-clear image in our tests, but more importantly, its other features — such as face-tracking, High Dynamic Range, and auto light correction — ensured that we looked our best, no matter the conditions.

Is Logitech capture free?

Capture is available at through a free software download now. This new software replaces and enhances the features that were previously available through Logitech Webcam Software (LWS).

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What is the cost of Logitech Webcam?

What is the cost of Logitech Webcam?

₹1,895.00 Fulfilled FREE Delivery.

Which is the cheapest Logitech Webcam?

Logitech Webcams

  • Logitech C310 Webcam. Black. 4.3. (2,908) ₹2,090. ₹2,384.
  • Logitech HD Webcam C270. 4.4. (13,556) ₹1,895. ₹2,595. 26% off.
  • Logitech C922 Pro Webcam. NA. 4.3. (297) ₹9,995. ₹12,995. 23% off.
  • Logitech HD Webcam C615. 4.1. (375) ₹3,699. ₹7,495.

What is the price of web camera?

Webcams Price List Products – Webcams Price
2 HP w200 Web Camera ₹2,499.00
3 Lenovo 300 Full HD Web Camera with Privacy Shutter,Comp… ₹1,999.00
4 HP w300 Web Camera ₹4,299.00
5 Logitech Brio Ultra HD Pro 4K Web Camera with Versatile… ₹24,999.00

What is Logitech C270 HD Webcam?

Product details of Logitech C270 HD Webcam – Black HD video calling (1280 x 720 pixels) with recommended system. Video capture: Up to 1280 x 720 pixels. Logitech Fluid Crystal Technology. Photos: Up to 3.0 megapixels (software enhanced) Built-in mic with noise reduction.

Which company Web webcam is best?

The best webcams you can buy today

  • Anker PowerConf C200. The best webcam overall.
  • Logitech C920s Pro HD. The best Logitech webcam for most people.
  • Logitech Brio. The best 4K webcam.
  • Logitech StreamCam. The best webcam for streaming and content creation.
  • Poly Studio P5.
  • Logitech C310.
  • Anker PowerConf C300.
  • Logitech C930e.

What is the difference between Logitech C270 and C310?

The Logitech C270 has very similar specifications to the C310. As I’ll demonstrate, the real difference between the two devices is slightly improved saturation and colors on the C310 and better microphone audio quality.

Does Logitech C270 have Zoom?

You cannot Zoom out using the Logitec C270 webcam. The Logitec software only allows you to digitally Zoom in with a corresponding loss of quality. The narrow 60 degree field of view is fixed. The only way to get a wider view is to move the webcam further away.

Does Logitech C270 have zoom?

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