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What subjects are there in BITSAT?

What subjects are there in BITSAT?

BITSAT 2021 Exam is a three-hour test. The exam is divided into 4 sections: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics / Biology, English Proficiency and Logical Reasoning. Questions are of objective type and have only one correct answer.

What is the syllabus for BITS Pilani?

The syllabus of BITSAT 2022 comprises five subjects namely Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics/ Biology (BPharma), English Proficiency and Logical Reasoning. Candidates are advised to go through the detailed syllabus of BITSAT 2022 before starting to prepare for the examination.

Is syllabus same for BITSAT and Jee?

Answer. Yes, syllabus of JEE Main and BITSAT is almost same. Difference in both the exam is BITSAT is speed test. Generally, questions in JEE Main is application based and questions in BITSAT is knowledge based.

What is asked in BITSAT exam?

BITSAT 2022 will be held as an online computer-based exam. The question paper will have 130 multiple-choice questions that are to be attempted in 3 hours. As per BITSAT exam pattern, the question paper is divided into four parts i.e.‚Äč Physics, Chemistry, English Proficiency & LR, and Mathematics/ Biology.

Is 12th syllabus enough for BITSAT?

Ans.: In BITSAT 2022 Syllabus more weightage is given to class 12 syllabus but it is equally important to cover class 11 syllabus to get a good score.

Is BITSAT better than IIT?

We can safely say that IITians seem to net better job offers than BITSians. When it comes to college environment and campus ambience, BITS Pilani scores over IITs. The BITS Pilani campus has a well-planned campus, libraries and hostels.

Is BITSAT syllabus same as CBSE?

BITSAT 2022 Syllabus Highlights Includes 10 chapters from the CBSE syllabus of both class 11 and 12. In the Biology section, the topics from Class 11 hold more weightage than those of class 12.

Is BITSAT physics easy?

BITSAT is generally considered easier than JEE. The time limit provided in BITSAT is more than JEE.


Syllabus: The BITSAT-2021 test will be conducted on the basis of NCERT syllabus for 11th and 12th class. The detailed syllabus is given in the Annexure.

What is the annual fees of BITS Pilani?

As per the BITS Pilani fees structure, candidates will have to pay Rs 39,800 as admission fee and Rs 1,78,000 for Semester 1 and 2. The fee for 2nd year is 1,94,000, for 3rd year is 2,11,500 and Rs 2,30,500 for 4th year.

Is Physics tough in BITSAT?

Difficulty level of BITSAT is a bit easier than the JEE Main exam but it allows less time to students to solve each question. Hence, candidates should focus on their speed right now….

Course Name BITSAT 2014 cut-offs
M.Sc.(Hons.): Physics 295-310
M.Sc.(Tech.): General Studies 270-280
M.Sc.(Tech.): Finance 270-285

Is BITSAT Chemistry hard?

The difficulty level of physics and chemistry goes from easy to moderate. maths is moderately tough. Another thing to notice is English and logical reasoning comprises of 75 marks out of 450.

What is BITSAT good score?

BITSAT 2022 Good Score If a candidate wants to opt for the best branches, they must get at least 370-380 as it is considered a good score as per the BITS marks vs branch trends. While the average score for BITSAT 2022 is more than 300, to get admission in other branches, 290+ marks are considered enough for admissions.

What is the pattern of BITSAT?

BITSAT Examination Pattern

Subject No. of Questions
Part – III (a) English Proficiency 10
(b) Logical Reasoning 20
Part – IV Mathematics / Biology (For B. Pharm) 40
Total 130

Does Google visit BITS Pilani?

Birla Institute of Technology and Science Pilani (BITS Pilani) started its placement session on August 18 for this academic year and Google has placed annual salary offers of a whopping Rs 1.4 crore to selected students.

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