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Who is the best player in Zamalek?

Who is the best player in Zamalek?

Abdelwahed El Sayed
This statistic displays the players with the most matches played for the selected club….Zamalek SC.

# 1
Player / Current club Abdelwahed El Sayed Retired
Date of Birth 03.06.1977
Apps 347

Did Emmanuel Amunike play for Barcelona?

Playing career He played for Zamalek, Sporting CP, Barcelona, and Albacete.

Who is the captain of Zamalek?


Personal information
Height 1.83 m (6 ft 0 in)
Position(s) Forward, attacking midfielder
Club information
Current team Zamalek

Who is the Zamalek goalkeeper?

Mohamed Abou GabalMohamed AwadMohamed Gamil NadeemEl Sayed Mohamed El Sayed Ateya
Zamalek SC/Goal keepers

Has any Nigerian played for FC Barcelona?

Born in Ibadan, Okunowo signed with La Liga club FC Barcelona at the age of 18.

Who is the Super Eagle coach?

José PeseiroNigeria national football team / Head coach

What is the meaning of Zamalek?

Zamalek definition An affluent district of central Cairo, Egypt, encompassing the northern portion of Gezira Island in the Nile river. pronoun.

Is Gabaski his real name?

Mohamed Qotb Abou Gabal Ali (Arabic: محمد قطب أبو جبل علي; born 29 January 1989), also known as Gabaski, is an Egyptian professional footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for Egyptian Premier League club Zamalek and the Egypt national team.

How tall is shenawy?

6′ 3″Mohammed El Shenawy / Height

What is the population of Zamalek?

The total Zamalek population in 2017 was 14,946. The population of the age bracket between 5 and 20 years old is 319 (age from 5 to 10) +382 (age from 10 to 15) +457 (age from 15 to 20) = 1158 children. Number of students enrolled in Governmental Schools and National institute schools in Zamalek is 12,324 students.

What does Zamalek mean South Africa?

Carling Black Label
Zamalek definition (South Africa, slang) Carling Black Label, a brand of beer. noun.

Who is the first Nigeria to play in Barcelona?

Samuel Okunowo

Personal information
Years Team Apps
1995–1997 Shooting Stars
1998–2001 Barcelona 14
1998–2001 → Barcelona B

Has any Nigerian played for Real Madrid?

Born in Ibadan, Adepoju (also called by his first name in Spain) left Nigeria in 1989 to join Real Madrid, but never made it past their reserves.

Who will be Nigeria next coach?

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