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Who is the current president of Venezuela?

Who is the current president of Venezuela?

Nicolás Maduro Moros (Spanish: [nikoˈlaz maˈðuɾo ˈmoɾos] ( listen); born 23 November 1962) is a Venezuelan politician and president of Venezuela since 2013, with his presidency under dispute since 2019.

Is Venezuela’s economy getting better?

Venezuela’s economy is forecast to expand at its fastest pace in 15 years, marking a rebound for a country that recently emerged from the deepest recession in Latin America. Gross domestic product is expected to grow 8.3% this year, from 1.9% in 2021, according to a Bloomberg survey of five economists.

Who does the US recognize as president of Venezuela?

The United States recognizes Interim President Juan Guaido and considers the 2015 democratically-elected Venezuelan National Assembly, which he currently leads, to be the only legitimate federal institution, according to the Venezuelan Constitution.

What type of government does Venezuela have 2020?

Venezuela is a federal presidential republic. The chief executive is the President of Venezuela who is both head of state and head of government. Executive power is exercised by the President. Legislative power is vested in the National Assembly.

Why is Venezuela currently in crisis?

Political corruption, chronic shortages of food and medicine, closure of businesses, unemployment, deterioration of productivity, authoritarianism, human rights violations, gross economic mismanagement and high dependence on oil have also contributed to the worsening crisis.

Is Venezuela corrupt?

The level of corruption in Venezuela is very high by world standards and is prevalent throughout many levels of Venezuelan society. Discovery of oil in Venezuela in the early 20th century has worsened political corruption.

Is Russia allied with Venezuela?

Venezuela is Russia’s most important trading and military ally in Latin America. Russia recognizes Nicolás Maduro as the president of Venezuela, instead of Juan Guaidó, in the Venezuelan presidential crisis.

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