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Who is the new vocalist of Rivermaya?

Who is the new vocalist of Rivermaya?

After taking a brief hiatus, in November 2012, Japs Sergio posted on his official Facebook page that he left Rivermaya, in order to pursue his new band, Peso Movement. Since then, Mark Escueta, Mike Elgar and Norby David simultaneously switched over the lead vocal duties.

Who replaced bamboo in Rivermaya?

Rico Blanco was the chief composer of the band, he later became the band’s full time guitarist when Perf de Castro left one year after their debut album was released & later became the band’s frontman after the departure of Bamboo in 1999.

Who is Rico Blanco in Rivermaya?

Early career. Rico was one of the founding members of the Filipino rock band Rivermaya, in varying roles as vocalist, keyboardist, guitarist, and main songwriter from 1994 to 2007. Rico Blanco is also a stage, film, and television actor.

When did Bamboo leave Rivermaya?

He made his exit from Rivermaya in 1998 to form his namesake band, which he left last year. “It’s probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.

Why did Perf de Castro leave Rivermaya?

Prior to Bamboo’s exit, guitarist Perf also left the band due to creative differences. Deserted by its charismatic frontman, the band courageously carried on and released a string of successful hit albums and singles with Rico Blanco assuming the vocal chores.

Why did perf leave Rivermaya?

Does Rico Blanco have a gf?

MANILA, Philippines — Musician Rico Blanco opened up about what made him fall in love with girlfriend Maris Racal.

Is bamboo and Rico Blanco friends?

Bamboo, however, clarified that all is well between him and the other band members that include Rico Blanco, Mark Escueta, Nathan Azarcon and Perf de Castro. “Those guys, I love and respect them. Those are my brothers forever. Whatever they do, I support them, pero here I am,” he said.

Is bamboo a member of Rivermaya?

Rivermaya1994 – 1998Bamboo2003 – 2011
Bamboo Mañalac/Music groups

What is Bamboo’s real name?

Francisco Gaudencio Lope Belardo MañalacBamboo Mañalac / Full name

How old is Maris?

24 years (September 22, 1997)Maris Racal / Age

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