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Who is the owner of UniCredit?

Who is the owner of UniCredit?

UniCredit Banca

Type Subsidiary
Total equity €1.811 billion (2009)
Owner UniCredit (100%)
Parent UniCredit
Capital ratio 9.80% (Basel II Tier 1)

Is UniCredit and HypoVereinsbank same?

UniCredit Bank AG, better known under its brand name HypoVereinsbank (HVB), is the fifth-largest of the German financial institutions, ranked according to its total assets, and the fourth-largest bank in Germany according to the number of its employees.

What kind of bank is UniCredit?

pan-European Commercial Bank
UniCredit is a pan-European Commercial Bank with a unique service offering in Italy, Germany, Central and Eastern Europe. Our purpose is to empower communities to progress, delivering the best-in-class for all stakeholders, unlocking the potential of our clients and our people across Europe.

Is UniCredit in USA?

In the US, UniCredit operates through US subsidiaries and branches of such entities. UniCredit has been identified by the Financial Stability Board (“FSB”) as a global systemically important bank.

When was UniCredit founded?

1998UniCredit / Founded

What does HVB stand for?


Acronym Definition
HVB Hawaii Visitors Bureau
HVB Central-European International Bank (Hungary)
HVB High Volume Breeder (puppy mill)
HVB Hanna Venture Base (BSA)

Do values Unicredit?

doValue S.p.A. is the new company name from 2019 of doBank S.p.A.. doValue, formerly doBank, was established in 2015 following the acquisition of UCCMB – Unicredit Credit Management Bank S.p.A. – by funds affiliated to Fortress.

How many employees does UniCredit have?


The headquarters. Torre Unicredit, Milan
Net income €4.7 billion (2018)
Total assets €811.1 billion (2018)
Total equity €47.7 billion (2018)
Number of employees 97,775 (2018)

Where is UniCredit based?

Milan, Italy
UniCredit General Information Established in 1998, UniCredit is a Pan European commercial banking institution based in Milan, Italy.

What is the full name of HBV?

Hepatitis B Information Hepatitis B is a vaccine-preventable liver infection caused by the hepatitis B virus (HBV).

Do values Wikipedia?

doValue S.p.A. formerly doBank S.p.A. is an Italian financial service company based in Verona, Veneto region. The company, a former bank, was known as UniCredit Credit Management Bank until 2015. In 2015, the company was acquired by private equity funds of Fortress Investment Group.

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