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Can you still play FIFA 13 online?

Can you still play FIFA 13 online?

After July 3, you won’t have access to any game-related data or content and the online games services will shut down. Refunds won’t be available. If you love playing FIFA as much as we do, stay in the game with the latest version on

Can you buy FIFA coins on FIFA 21?

As explained, you can’t buy FIFA 21 coins because it’s against the game’s terms of service. Actually: you can, you just shouldn’t. However, there are other reasons to not buy coins. In a fair game, all participants should have the same opportunities of winning and play on the same conditions.

Can EA ban you for buying coins?

Re: Will I get banned if I purchase coins You can earn FUT Coins by playing FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) and trading within the Transfer Market, but you can’t buy them. Buying coins from a third party, promoting coin buying, or coin distribution is against our rules.

How can I avoid getting banned when buying FIFA coins?

The best methods to use to avoid being banned for buying FIFA 22 coins

  1. Avoid purchasing large sums of coins at a go. Mostly EA bans the seller’s account other than the buyer’s account.
  2. Use the coins immediately.
  3. Do not use different sites.
  4. Legit sites.

What happens if you get caught buying FIFA coins?

If caught buying the FIFA 22 coins, an email will be sent to you stating your first offense of purchasing the FIFA 22 coins. In addition, the stats of your game account will be turned back to the beginning. Therefore, all your players and FIFA coins will go back to the beginning of the game.

What is the best site to buy FIFA coins?

However, if you want a quick and easy way to get FIFA Coins, AOEAH.COM has the answer for you. You can buy safe and cheap FUT coins for PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Switch from AOEAH and our 10+ year’s professional service team will deliver the FUT coins in as short as possible.

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