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How do I get a sitemap of my property?

How do I get a sitemap of my property?

When you bought your home, a copy of the site plan should have been included in the paperwork you received. If you can’t find it in your closing documents, your mortgage lender or title insurance provider may have copies that they can send to you.

Is a plot plan the same as a survey?

Do you know the difference between a land survey and a plot plan? In the simplest terms, a land survey provides a far more detailed and accurate depiction of a piece of property. A plot plan will give you the basics such as the general location of the lot lines and the location of structures within those lot lines.

Is a plot plan the same as a site plan?

A plot plan typically refers to a single structure on a single plot, such as a single-family home. A Site Plan, such as a commercial mall, can include many structures on single or multiple plots. If a Site Plan just has one structure on a single plot, it reverts to a Plot Plan, and the two are interchangeable.

How do I get a site plan on Google Earth?

Draw a path or polygon

  1. Open Google Earth.
  2. Go to a place on the map.
  3. Above the map, click Add Path . To add a shape, click Add Polygon.
  4. A “New Path” or “New Polygon” dialog will pop up.
  5. To draw the line or shape you want, click a start point on the map and drag.
  6. Click an endpoint.
  7. Click OK.

What is found on a plot plan?

A “plot plan” is an accurate drawing or map of your property that shows the size and configuration of your property and the size and precise location of most man-made features (i.e. buildings, driveways, utility lines and walls or fences) on the property.

What is the purpose of a plot plan?

A plot plan is used to plan new single-family and two-family residential construction and residential alterations, such as decks or sheds. Once the plan is approved, it may be used by the builder when laying out the property. a directional arrow or compass should be shown that indicates how the property is oriented.

How do I find floor plans for my house?

Call your builder or the architect who designed your home. If you can’t find this information, look through your mortgage paperwork. Builders, particularly large contracting companies, often keep copies of plans on file.

What is a plot plan PDF?

A plot plan is an architectural drawing that shows all the major features and structures on a. piece of property. The information on a plot plan will generally include the following: • Location of all buildings. • Porches.

How do I create a Google map site plan?

Draw a line or shape

  1. On your computer, sign in to My Maps.
  2. Open or create a map.
  3. Click Draw a line.
  4. Select a layer and click where to start drawing.
  5. Click each corner or bend of your line or shape.
  6. When you’re finished drawing, double-click or complete the shape.
  7. Give your line or shape a name.

What is a site map for property?

Based on the property’s architectural plans, sitemaps show a bird’s eye view of the property and identify the location of community amenities, units, parking, and offices. They also have a legend that highlights points of interest throughout the community, like the lobby, mail room, and handicap-accessible areas.

What is the difference between a plot and a plat?

A plat is a map of a land area, usually on the scale of a neighborhood or county township, and a plot is a piece of land used for a single purpose (such as a park or a home). Essentially, a plat map records the collection of plots that make up a neighborhood.

What is the difference between a survey and plat?

1. A survey will show any dwellings, buildings or improvements (driveways, fences, pools) located on the property; A plat usually shows the dimensions of the property before the improvements are made. 2. A plat will often cover more than one lot or parcel of land.

What needs to be on a plot plan?

A Plot Plan is a plan drawn to scale showing the entire property (including all property lines) with the existing and proposed structures, including parking.

How do I get a copy of my building plans?

Local Authorities / Planning Department / District Office / Municipal Offices. The first and most common route to take is a visit to your Local Authority, otherwise known as Planning Department, District Office or Municipal Offices to request a copy of your approved plans.

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