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How do I import my music library into iTunes?

How do I import my music library into iTunes?

On your Mac

  1. Open the Apple Music app.
  2. From the menu bar at the top of your screen, choose Music > Preferences.
  3. Go to the General tab and select Sync Library to turn it on. If you don’t subscribe to Apple Music or iTunes Match, you won’t see an option to turn on Sync Library.
  4. Click OK.

How do I transfer my old iTunes library to my new Mac?

On your new Mac, connect your external drive to Mac > Click Finder on your new Mac > Choose the Music folder > Then drag the iTunes library folder in the external drive to the Music folder in new Mac.

Why can’t I add songs to my iTunes library?

Currently, iTunes only supports importing music in the format of MP3, AIFF, WAV, MPEG-4, and M4A. If you find you can’t add songs to iTunes, please check if the songs you want to add to iTunes are of iTunes supported formats. If not, please transfer them to iTunes supported formats.

How do I merge my old iTunes library with a new one?

File > Library > Organize Library > Consolidate Files will copy in items from the old library that weren’t duplicates into the new library’s media folder so that everything is properly organized in one place.

How do I restore my Apple Music library 2021?

iPhone and iPad

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Swipe down to Music.
  3. Tap the toggle next to iCloud Music Libary to recover your Apple Music Library.
  4. It make take some time for your library to repopulate in the Music app.

Can’t add songs iTunes 2021?

Open iTunes, sign in your account (Tips: Account > Sign out > Re-sign in. That fixes the issue in some scenarios). Step 2. Select “File” tab > Select “Add File to Library” or “Add Folder to Library”.

Why can’t I drag MP3 files into iTunes?

If you have security software installed on your computer, please disabled it temporarily, restart your computer, and try to import the MP3 again. We also recommend installing and updates available on your computer.

Can I combine two iTunes libraries?

How do I sync two iTunes libraries?

To do this, press and hold Option or Shift, open iTunes, select an iTunes library, then connect the iPhone or iPod you sync with this library. It will go through the standard syncing process, using the media in the currently active iTunes library. The iPhone and iPod can only sync to one library at a time.

Can I access my old iTunes library?

With the demise of iTunes, the Music app has inherited some of the older apps features. Accordingly, your iTunes library as you knew it, with all your purchased music, should be available inside the Music app, which you can find with a quick Spotlight Search if you hit Command + Space Bar and then type in “Music.”

What happened to my old iTunes library?

Yep! Any movies you bought via iTunes will move to the Apple TV app for Mac. The Apple TV app (yes, for all your devices, not just an Apple TV) is where TV shows, movies and music videos will live on the Mac, including HBO and Showtime, and those iTunes movies you bought.

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