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How do I mass delete duplicates in Excel?

How do I mass delete duplicates in Excel?

Remove duplicate values

  1. Select the range of cells that has duplicate values you want to remove. Tip: Remove any outlines or subtotals from your data before trying to remove duplicates.
  2. Click Data > Remove Duplicates, and then Under Columns, check or uncheck the columns where you want to remove the duplicates.
  3. Click OK.

Can I automatically delete duplicates in Excel?

Use UNIQUE Function to Automatically Remove Duplicates in Excel (For New Versions) You can use the UNIQUE function of Excel to remove duplicates from a data set. You can remove the duplicate values from a data set in two ways: Completely Removing the Values That Appear More than Once.

How do you remove all duplicates but keep only one in Excel VBA?

Remove all duplicates but keep only one with Remove Duplicates function

  1. Select the data list you need, and click Data > Remove Duplicates.
  2. Then in Remove Duplicates dialog, check the column name that you want to remove duplicates from, and if your data has header, check My data has headers option, too.
  3. Click OK.

How do you remove duplicates from multiple columns in Excel VBA?

just an aside, you can just write Set duplicates = Columns(“B:C”) and get rid of Columns(“B:C”). Select . You can also just write duplicates. removeduplicates Columns:=Array(1,2), Header:=xlYes` and get rid of ActiveSheet , since it’s implied when you set the range variable.

Is there a formula to delete duplicates in Excel?

To begin with, select the range in which you want to ddelete dupes. To select the entire table, press Ctrl + A. Go to the Data tab > Data Tools group, and click the Remove Duplicates button. The Remove Duplicates dialog box will open, you select the columns to check for duplicates, and click OK.

How do I find duplicates in Excel VBA?

To find all of the duplicate data in a list you can either use formula which is contained in Find Duplicates in List or you can use VBA. The following procedure will find all of the duplicated entries in Column A and will highlight them. Sub HighlightDups() ‘Excel VBA find duplicates with formula (with dynamic range).

How do I automatically delete duplicates?

How to automatically remove duplicates form a list in Excel?

  1. Click Data > Data Validation.
  2. In the popping dialog, under Settings tab, select Custom form Allow list, and type this formula =COUNTIF($A$1:$A$20,A1)=1 into the Formula text box.
  3. Click OK.

How do I remove duplicates in Excel without shifting?

With a formula and the Filter function, you can quickly remove duplicates but keep rest.

  1. Select a blank cell next to the data range, D2 for instance, type formula =A3=A2, drag auto fill handle down to the cells you need.
  2. Select all data range including the formula cell, and click Data > Filter to enable Filter function.

How do I filter duplicates in Excel?

In Excel, there are several ways to filter for unique values—or remove duplicate values:

  1. To filter for unique values, click Data > Sort & Filter > Advanced.
  2. To remove duplicate values, click Data > Data Tools > Remove Duplicates.

How do I highlight duplicates in Excel using macros?

Exercise Workbook:

  1. STEP 1: Go to Developer > Code > Visual Basic.
  2. STEP 2: Paste in your code and Select Save. Close the window afterwards.
  3. STEP 3: Let us test it out! Make sure to have your cells selected. Open the sheet containing the data. Go to Developer > Code > Macros. Make sure your macro is selected. Click Run.

How do I check for duplicate entries in Excel?

How to find duplicates in Excel:

  1. Select your range of cells. As with any Excel function, you have to decide which data you want to work with.
  2. Head up to the Home tab and locate the Styles section.
  3. Go to Highlight Cell Rules and select the Duplicate values option.
  4. Now you should see a menu pop up.

Why remove duplicate is not working?

Solution 2: Convert Multiple Rows/Columns to Single Rows/Columns When Remove Duplicates Command Is Not Working in Excel. Another major reason for Remove Duplicates not working properly is that the Remove Duplicates command doesn’t work for multiple rows/columns. It is just made for a single row or column.

How do I remove duplicates from multiple columns in Excel?

Remove Duplicates from Multiple Columns in Excel

  1. Select the data.
  2. Go to Data –> Data Tools –> Remove Duplicates.
  3. In the Remove Duplicates dialog box: If your data has headers, make sure the ‘My data has headers’ option is checked. Select all the columns except the Date column.

How do I highlight duplicates in VBA?

This tutorial shows how to highlight cells that contain duplicate values in a selected range using Excel or VBA

  1. Select the range in which you want to highlight duplicate values.
  2. Select the Home tab.
  3. Click on Conditional Formatting in the Style group.
  4. Select Highlight Cells Rules.
  5. Select Duplicate Values.

How do I find duplicate rows in VBA?

We’re going to use VBA WorksheetFunction….Countif to set the rows to highlight duplicates inside a For Next loop.

  1. Thirdly, Save the code, and close it to go back to our sheet.
  2. Then, bring up the Macro dialog box as shown in method 1.
  3. After that, select “DuplicateRows2” and click on Run.
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