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How do I share my MLS listing with clients?

How do I share my MLS listing with clients?

To send the listings to your contact, simply click the box in the corner of the property tile(s). Then click the Send Listings button. You can edit, preview, or send the email with the listings. You’ll notice the contact’s email address is already entered in the TO line; to send the email, just click the Send button.

What is claw MLS?

Combined L.A./Westside MLS, a.k.a, CLAW is a privately held company, that operates in Southern California and it serves more than 16,000 real estate professionals. It was established in 1992 and incorporated in California.

How do I setup a client portal in bright MLS?

On the Account & Settings page, scroll down and click MLS Settings….Here is how you can set up your Client Portal notifications in Bright.

  1. Log into
  2. Click the orange button with your name located in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
  3. Next, click the orange Account & Settings button.

How do you make a bright MLS portal?

My Agent Chapter 6: The Client Portal – What you can set up and see

  1. Set up a Portal Header.
  2. Portal Profile. Click on your log in name. Click Account & Settings. Click MLS Settings. Under the My Information heading, click Portal Profile.
  3. Set your Portal Notification Settings​​​​​​​

Can you text MLS listings?

Type the message body. To include a link to a listing, click Add Listing Link and enter an MLS number. Click Insert Link to return to the internal email client page, where the listing link will appear below your text in the message body.

Does MLS automatically post on Zillow?

Listings usually added to Zillow and your profile automatically (no manual entry) Listings feed updates are processed as often as every 15 minutes. Listings also appear on Yahoo! ® Homes, AOL Real Estate, MSN Real Estate, HGTV®’s Frontdoor™ and Google™ Now.

What is the clawback rule?

Section 954 of Dodd-Frank mandated the SEC to adopt a rule requiring public companies to recoup bonuses paid to executives if the company is found to have misstated its financial results.

What is clawback commission?

Clawbacks are a commission payment that is repaid to a business for one or several reasons. The most commonly occur when a customer ends a contract earlier than expected. Clawbacks are a sales commission payment that is repaid or taken back by the business.

What does listing syndication mean?

Syndication commonly refers to an agreement between a broker and a third-party to advertise the broker’s listings on non-MLS websites. The syndication agreement’s scope determines how the broker’s listings will be displayed on the Internet and where the listings will be displayed by the third-party.

What is a MLS client portal?

The Client Portal is a personalized website where your client can view listings, documents, and other information you send them from Bright.

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