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How do I use the light cache speed plugin?

How do I use the light cache speed plugin?

For Caching and Optimization With a LiteSpeed Web Server Or sign up for QUIC. cloud CDN. Install the LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress plugin and activate it. From the WordPress Dashboard, navigate to LiteSpeed Cache > Cache, make sure the option Enable LiteSpeed Cache is set to ON .

Is LiteSpeed cache good?

In addition to caching, LiteSpeed Cache is a great optimization plugin that does pretty much everything you would need to properly optimize your site for speed. In fact, it is so good at optimization that this plugin alone may change your low Google PageSpeed Insights score to a very high score like in the 90s.

What is Lite speed cache?

LiteSpeed Cache (also called LSCache) is LiteSpeed’s more efficient and highly customizable answer to Apache mod_cache and Varnish. LSCache is built from the ground up and integrated into all LiteSpeed server products. It can: dramatically speed up dynamic website content (like PHP pages)

What is the best WordPress cache plugin?

The 5 Best WordPress Caching Plugins

  1. W3 Total Cache. Active on over one million sites, W3 Total Cache is one of the most popular caching plugins at
  2. WP Fastest Cache. WP Fastest Cache is another popular option with a much simpler interface than W3 Total Cache.
  3. WP Rocket.
  4. WP Super Cache.
  5. Cache Enabler.

How do I set up Lightspeed cache?

To turn on caching, navigate to LiteSpeed Cache > Cache > Cache and set Enable Cache to ON . You could stop right there, never configure another setting, and the plugin would probably cache your site very nicely. We specifically chose the default settings to work with the majority of sites right out of the box.

What is WordPress acceleration?

This allows users to take full advantage of a CDN for their WordPress site by delivering all assets through the CDN for greater speeds, better security, and enhanced reliability.

Is LiteSpeed better than nginx?

While ApacheBench was initially created to benchmark and test Apache Web Servers, the application is suitable for testing on any web server, like Nginx or LiteSpeed….Our Test Environment.

Apache VPS LiteSpeed VPS Nginx VPS
2 CPU Cores 2 CPU Cores 2 CPU Cores
Apache 2.4.46 (cPanel) LiteSpeed/5.4.10 Enterprise nginx/1.19.2

What is the best free cache plugin for WordPress?

12 Best Free WordPress Cache Plugins (Most Popular 2022)

  • Hummingbird – Speed up, Cache, Optimize Your CSS and JS.
  • WP Rocket.
  • WP Super Cache.
  • W3 Total Cache.
  • WP Fastest Cache.
  • Autoptimize.
  • Light Speed Cache.
  • Hyper Cache.

Does Hostinger use LiteSpeed?

Here at Hostinger our servers specifically use LiteSpeed. This allows you to boost your WordPress website’s performance by installing the LiteSpeed caching plugin.

Does WP Rocket work with LiteSpeed?

Caching features are only available on the LiteSpeed server. WP Rocket is compatible with 99% of hosts (and the only caching plugin allowed by and Pressable). It’s also compatible with the most popular tools, themes, plugins. Furthermore, the team is constantly working on removing any incompatibilities.

Which is better WP Rocket or W3 Total Cache?

W3 Total Cache is one of the most popular free cache plugins for WordPress. It’s indeed an excellent choice for your site. But WP Rocket includes more optimization features that you can’t find in free cache plugins: Critical Path CSS for specific pages, Google Font Optimization, and LazyLoad are just a few.

What is the fastest web server?

7 Best Fastest Web Hosting Services

  • Hostinger – global average 136 ms.
  • SiteGround – global average 136.9 ms.
  • Bluehost – global average 153 ms.
  • DreamHost – global average 118.4 ms.
  • GreenGeeks – global average 118.6 ms.
  • Kinsta – global average 179.5 ms.
  • ScalaHosting – global average 159 ms.

Is NGINX faster than LiteSpeed?

Any other benchmarks showing LiteSpeed being 20-300% faster than NGINX are silly to me. I’m a diehard LiteSpeed fan myself but don’t believe it’s that much faster. OpenLiteSpeed (free version) is like 1-2% faster at most. LiteSpeed Enterprise (paid version) is maybe 3-5% faster at most.

How can I speed up my WordPress website?

How to Speed Up Your WordPress Site

  1. Run performance tests.
  2. Choose a reliable hosting provider.
  3. Update everything.
  4. Use the latest version of PHP.
  5. Delete unused plugins.
  6. Install high-quality plugins only.
  7. Use a lightweight theme.
  8. Optimize images.

How can I speed up my WordPress site without plugin?

How to Optimize WordPress Speed Without Plugins

  1. Use a Good Host.
  2. Use HTTPS.
  3. Use the Highest Version of PHP the Site Supports.
  4. Use Cloudflare.
  5. Turn on-Site Speed Optimizations in Your Theme.
  6. Compress Images Before You Upload Them.
  7. Make Sure Your Database Is Using the Innodb Storage Engine for All Tables.

What’s faster than NGINX?

Conclusion – LiteSpeed Found to be More Impressive than NGINX. In all, we used numerous LiteSpeed vs NGINX benchmarking tests, and LiteSpeed performed to a higher standard than NGINX. Files were transferred faster and less CPU & memory were used.

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