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How do you graduate with distinction at UVic?

How do you graduate with distinction at UVic?

“With Distinction” will appear on your diploma and transcript if your graduating GPA is in the top 20 percent of your academic unit. If you achieve “With Distinction”, we’ll add a notation to your transcript on your graduation date.

What GPA do you need to graduate with distinction UVic?

6.5 or higher
The notation “With Distinction” will appear on the degree parchment, the convocation program and the transcript for those students whose graduating average is 6.5 or higher and who have satisfied any additional requirements specified by individual faculties and departments.

How many credits do you need to graduate from UVic?

60 units
Courses & units You need 60 units of courses to graduate from most programs at UVic. Some courses, such as year-long courses, can count for 3 units.

What email do I send my transcript to for UVic?

If you’re a current high school student and provided your OUAC reference number, your official transcript will be sent us automatically. If you do not have an OUAC reference number, have your school send your official transcript to [email protected] or the address below.

Is convocation a graduation?

Graduation and convocation are not the same thing. Graduation is the official recognition that you have completed all the requirements of your program and are entitled to claim the credential you have earned. Convocation is the ceremony at which your degree is conferred by the Chancellor.

Can you double major at UVic?

Double majors are also available – you can choose to complete two major programs within one degree, completing the required courses for both programs.

What is a CAPP report?

• A Curriculum, Advising and Program Planning (CAPP) report is a. degree evaluation tool that enables you to track your academic. progress throughout your university career.

How do I get my official transcript from UVic?

Your transcripts will be sent to the address you provide on the online request form. We won’t process transcript orders until we’ve received payment in full, or if you owe fees to UVic that have been sent to collections. Please contact [email protected] about payment of outstanding fees.

Where do you send transcripts to UVic?

Electronic transcripts should be sent to [email protected]….Unofficial documents include:

  1. unofficial transcripts from all institutions you have attended (including UVic)
  2. a copy of your CV/resume.
  3. any other individual program requirements.

What is a convocation letter?

n. 1 a large formal assembly, esp. one specifically convened. 2 the act of convoking or state of being convoked.

Can you have two minors UVic?

Minor programs are similar to General programs (in many cases they are identical). A minor is an optional program that allows students to study in an area outside their honours, major or general program areas. Students may only declare one minor in a degree program.

How does UVic law calculate GPA?

UVic will convert your grades to a 4.33 GPA scale. First each grade is converted to a grade point on the 4.33 system, then each of these grades are tallied up to a total sum….Gamgee.

Accumulated Credits Credits Discounted
52-57.9 6
58-63.9 9
64-69.9 12
70+ 15

How do I access my Uvic CAPP report?

To access this report, students will need to sign in to My page and then access the ‘Degree Evaluation’ option on the ‘Grades & records’ tab under ‘Student services’. Questions regarding the information on the CAPP report should be directed to the Academic Adviser for the faculty of the declared program.

What is CAPP in education?

CAPP (Curriculum Advising and Program Planning) is a tool for comparing a student’s coursework against a specific set of program requirements needed to complete their graduation requirements.

How do I check my final grades Uvic?

Students can view their grades and records electronically by accessing My page. View your current and past courses and final grades by following these steps: Sign in to My page with your NetLink ID and password. Click on Student services, located on the left hand side of the screen.

How do I get my Transcripts from Olsas?

Online Transcript Requests You can access this section in your application by selecting “Transcripts”. OLSAS must receive your online transcript request by the appropriate deadlines to satisfy the transcript deadline requirement. Transcripts requested when you apply will not include the current year’s results.

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