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How far can RS-485 be run?

How far can RS-485 be run?

4,000 feet
RS485 is popular for inexpensive local networks, multidrop communication links and long haul data transfer over distances of up to 4,000 feet.

What are RS-232 standards?

RS-232 is a standard communication protocol for connecting computers and their peripheral devices to enable serial data exchange. In simple terms, RS232 represents the voltage for the path used for data exchange between the devices.

What is the idle state of RS-232?

The RS232 signals are represented by voltage levels with respect to a system common (power / logic ground). The “idle” state (MARK) has the signal level negative with respect to common, and the “active” state (SPACE) has the signal level positive with respect to common.

How far can you run Modbus?

The Maximum length of Modbus serial RS485 bus without branching is 1000 meters and 15 meters with branching.

How many devices can be connected to RS-232?

RS-232 is the simplest of the two interfaces. It is used to connect two devices as illustrated below: That is, the transmitter of Device 1 is connected to the receiver of Device 2 and vice versa.

Is RS-232 full or half-duplex?

RS-232 operates in a full duplex mode, meaning the controller and receiver can communicate at the same time without interference. Mensor transducers with RS-232 require three wires for set up: Transmit Data (TX), Receive Data (RX), and Signal Ground.

Which is better RS-232 or RS485?

The RS232 will be less expensive and simpler to integrate as compared to RS485. However, if you require a higher data transfer speed over a longer distance, RS485 will work better. If you need to control multiple devices, the RS485 will be a better pick as well.

Why is RS-485 better than RS-232?

RS232 is more than able to perform for a short distance and low data speed requirements. RS232 has a transmission speed of 1Mb/s up to 15M. However, RS485 has a data transmission speed of up to 10Mb/s for a distance of 15M. At the maximum of 1200M, RS485 transmits at 100Kb/s.

Which is better RS-232 or RS-485?

The RS485 is also a form of serial communication faster than RS232. The specifications and configurations of RS485 make faster and extend the data transmission range. Its maximum cable length is 1200 meters that are about 4000 feet.

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