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How much money did they get in Fast Five?

How much money did they get in Fast Five?

They agree, and drive off into the sunset. It isn’t until after they’ve gotten away that Hobbs opens the safe and finds it empty. During the chase, Dom’s crew switched safes, allowing them to get out with the $90 million.

Did Dom let Brian win in Fast Five?

They later went head to head in Fast & Furious, but Dom won that round by cheating. He then backed off, allowing Brian to win a street race in Fast Five as a gift for the impending birth of his son. The duo raced a few more times, but the circumstances were never too serious.

Was Fast Five supposed to be the last?

Diesel felt that the story between the characters portrayed by himself and Walker should continue, envisioning it as three chapters, of which Fast Five would be the last.

Is Fast Five part of Fast and Furious?

Letty OrtizMichelle RodriguezElena NevesElsa PatakyHan LueSung KangVinceMatt SchulzeRoman PearceTyrese GibsonTej ParkerLudacris
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What did Reyes do to Dom?

Hernan Reyes was a ruthless and corrupt Portuguese-Brazilian politician, drug lord and businessman who Dominic Toretto and his team crossed paths with when Dom decided to steal $100 million from Reyes. He is also the main antagonist of Fast Five.

Who won Dom or Sean?

Furious 7 (2015) would later reveal that the race between Dom (Vin Diesel) and Sean (Lucas Black) was won by Dom.

How did Brian meet Tej?

We first meet Tej in the second installment of the series, where he serves as a friend and Miami guide to transplant Brian O’Conner (Paul Walker). When Brian is introducing Tej to his old friend Roman (Tyrese Gibson), he says, “He’s the man to know in Miami. He’s got his finger in absolutely everything.”

Is Owen Shaw a villain?

He was once considered to be the darkest Fast & Furious villain (until Cipher came along, followed by Brixton Lore). He was revealed to be the Bigger Bad of Fast & Furious, as he was the employer of Arturo Braga. Shaw and his team are considered to be “evil twins” to Dom and his crew.

Did Tego and Rico win?

Once they receive their share of the stolen money, both Tego and Rico visit a casino in Monaco where they play roulette. Tego places all of his chips on red, whilst Rico places his on black. It’s never revealed who wins and who loses. It’s implied that the ball fell on green.

Why didn’t Paul and Vin Diesel do Tokyo Drift?

Walker didn’t reprise his role as Brian in Tokyo Drift, but that’s not because he didn’t want to. He revealed in the past that his absence came down to a new direction that the studio wanted to take the Fast & Furious franchise.

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