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What days are good for Geminis?

What days are good for Geminis?

Six days of each month are specifically lucky for Gemini. They are as follows: For January: 1st, 9th, 19th, 20th, 27th, and the 28th. For February: 5th, 6th, 11th, 21st, 23rd, and the 25th.

What is the horoscope for November born?

People born from 22nd November to 21st December are said to have Sagittarius as their zodiac. Sagittarius is the ninth zodiac sign and has ‘Fire’ as their zodiac element.

Is November 9th a Libra?

LIBRA (Sep 24-Oct 23) Libras are the special zodiac of all the signs. They have a very unique taste when it comes to clothes, food choices and even career choices.

How is today for Scorpio?

Scorpio: Today you may be busy in work front, which may make you tired and may be not able to proper time in family get together. You may be able to create some overseas network also. You should be careful in terms of investments. Natives in the job, may get promotion.

What is Gemini lucky time?

It will be a lucky day for the Gemini from Medicinal, finance and creative field. Lucky Time for Today-Between 7:00 pm and 9:00 pm.

Is Gemini and Scorpio a good match?

Overall, Gemini and Scorpio are considered to be incompatible zodiac matches. Although it’s a fun and sexy match initially, a lot of work needs to be done to have a harmonious relationship.

Do Gemini Scorpio get along?

Which day is unlucky for Gemini?

Gemini Lucky/Unlucky

Ruling Planet Mercury
Lucky Stones Aquamarine, Agate
Unlucky Stones Red Coral
Lucky Numbers 5 & 6 and all numbers adding number 9 i.e. 14, 23, 32 etc
Lucky Days Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays

Why do Scorpios like Geminis?

The two signs are extremely flirtatious. The chemistry between these two signs doesn’t always feel like a match made in heaven, but the connection they have is irresistible. Scorpio can easily add depth to Gemini’s many interests, and Gemini can teach Scorpio that you can enjoy something without obsessing over it.

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